Plyos + Sandbag HIIT Workout

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The 12 Minute Athlete September Plyometrics Challenge

September Plyometrics Challenge

We’re super stoked to introduce you yet another community challenge — the September Plyometrics Challenge!

This month, we’re going to work on increasing our explosive power. That means doing a lot of plyometrics exercises.

Not sure what plyometrics are? If you’re doing 12 Minute Athlete workouts regularly, you’re actually doing plyometrics (or simply, plyos) quite frequently. Plyometric exercises are quick, powerful exercises that are performed in a short amount of time to help you to build speed and power. They’re an essential part of every athlete’s training – and you’re no different!

Box jumps, burpees, medicine ball slams, tuck jumps – these are all examples of plyometric exercises and in this coming month, we’re going to do a lot of them!

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