Lean and Buff HIIT Workout

Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 12 x :10 x :50

1. High knees w/ jump rope
2. Pull ups
3. Walking lunges
4. Pike jumps

Bonus: 20 Knees to elbows


Leave your reps in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

High knees w/ jump rope: 115, 148, 147
Pull ups (using band): 14, 15, 13
Walking lunges (using sandbag): 27, 26, 26
Pike jumps: 71, 61, 61

Did you do this workout?

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2 thoughts on “Lean and Buff HIIT Workout”

  1. This was crazy hard ,partially because my legs are still trashed from yesterday’s workout
    90,6( focusing on slow descents), no counts for lunges,70 ( pike jumps are not my fave)

  2. I agree this one was rough…
    Avg: 125 w/ weighted jump rope
    12 ( assisted)
    23 lunges w 50 lb
    Pike jumps x 50
    Plus 2 sets 10 of knee raises
    My arms and legs are toast…


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