Pull Up Mastery Program


Do your very first pull up or finally break through your pull up plateau with Pull Up Mastery by 12 Minute Athlete. Includes ebook, progression videos, printable pull up program, and more.


When you purchase Pull Up Mastery for just $19.99, you’ll be getting much more than just the ebook:

  • Instructional videos: Short, easy-to-follow video instructions for every progression (available to stream or download)
  • Workout programs: An entire 10-week program to follow step-by-step to get you doing pull ups in no time
  • Beginner and intermediate options: Choose the program right for your specific level of experience
  • Getting Started Guide: A step-by-step guide to help you know exactly what steps to take to get started
  • Flexibility & Mobility Guide: Keep your muscles healthy and strong with targeted stretching and mobility exercises
  • Easy-to-print programming: Printable Pull Up Program so you’ll have easy access to whichever program you choose
  • Support as needed: Email support and check-ins along your journey

Plus you’ll get the The full, beautifully designed Mastering the Pull Up: Release Your Inner Badass and Conquer the Ultimate Bodyweight Exercise ebook!