4-Minute Rainy Day Tabata Workout

rainy day tabata workout

I don’t know where you guys are based in the world, but where I am in the San Francisco it’s been raining constantly for days. And for someone who moved here particularly for the sun, I am going a little bit crazy.

So that’s why I wanted to create this 4-Minute Rainy Day Tabata Workout to show you guys that you can still workout even if it’s pouring rain outside, if there’s a crazy snowstorm, or if you can’t get to a gym.

Because as long as you work hard, you can get in a good workout in an incredibly short amount of time, whether it’s 12 minutes, 10 minutes, or even just 4 minutes. You don’t even need any equipment—all you really need is your own body and you’re good to go.

And sure, I do like to use equipment sometimes because I get bored and like to mix it up, but I also do a lot of bodyweight-only workouts. So don’t think that behind your back I am lifting crazy heavy weights. I do exactly what you see here.

I do bodyweight stuff, I use pull up bars, dip bars, a box to jump on, and sometimes kettlebells. I use rings and punching bags at times because I think they’re fun and make me feel a little bit like a badass. But really, you don’t need any of that stuff to get in good shape—all you need is an interval timer and you are good to go.

So give this workout a shot—it’s perfect if you have zero time to do a workout or if you are just feeling antsy like I am and need to get a little energy out. No excuses!

Here’s your rainy day 4-minute tabata workout:

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