Easy & Delicious Three Ingredient Protein Crepe Recipe

protein crepe recipe

In case you hadn’t noticed, I have a slight obsession with breakfast foods.

In fact, the majority of the recipes on the site are fairly breakfast-y, or at least could be eaten as part of a well balanced breakfast. That’s partly because I have a huge sweet tooth, but also because the time when I crave sweet stuff the most is in the morning and the evening.

The rest of the day I pretty much want savory, high protein, veggie-filled foods, but those times of the day are when I just want all the sugary foods in the world.

So rather than eating actual tons of calorie dense, low nutrient, high sugar foods around these times, I’ve learned how to make my own sweet-yet-healthy substitutes.

These protein crepes are AWESOME for when you want a super low carb breakfast, or when you want something filling, satisfying, yet still sweet at night (my favorite time to eat them). They’re super easy to make, and require only a few basic ingredients. Plus, you can fill them with anything you like to make them extra delicious!

Here’s your simple three ingredient protein crepe recipe:

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15 Awesome Bodyweight Substitutions For Equipment-Based Exercises

bodyweight substitutions

Whether you’re used to using much equipment in your workouts or not, there will always be times when you just don’t have access to any workout equipment at all.

Maybe you need to skip your usual gym workout and work out at home instead, or maybe you’re traveling for weeks or months and won’t have much gym or outdoor fitness park access while you’re away.

And though you can definitely get a really good workout in using no equipment at all, one of the main reasons I tend to use equipment (especially when I’m at home in my normal routine), is that it helps to mix up my workouts and keep them interesting. It’s fun for me to think of different ways to incorporate some of my favorite pieces of equipment such as plyo boxes, medicine balls, pull up bars, and dip bars or parallel bars into my workouts, and always keeps them challenging.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t still get in a good workout when you don’t have equipment available. A few simple substitutions and a bit of creativity guarantees that you can always get an awesome workout in, no matter what you have available. No excuses!

Here are 15 simple yet awesome bodyweight substitutions for when you don’t have access to any equipment:

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