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Unlock your potential with the 12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app. Pre-loaded with 185+ incredibly effective HIIT workouts to help you get fitter and stronger with minimal equipment and no gym membership.


Start Your 7-Day Free Trial and Become a Super Athlete Today!


New Workouts

Immediate access to 300+ awesome new workouts, including AMRAP, boxing, core workouts, and more.

For Super Athlete Subscribers Only.


Stay on Track

Use the workout scheduler to set and remind you of upcoming workouts, so forgetting is not an option—or an excuse.

For Super Athlete Subscribers Only.

Workout Power Packs

Power Packs include Apartment-Friendly
Workouts, Travel Workouts, Workout
Challenges, and more!

For Super Athlete Subscribers Only.


Track Your Personal Records

Track your workout activity, view your PRs, and see lifetime
insights with helpful visual aids.

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185+ Full Body HIIT Workouts

Short, intense, interval, time challenge,
and AMRAP workouts focus on strength, cardio,
and core training. Subscribe for just $4.99
a month and get access to hundreds more.

Seven Possible
Equipment Choices

Choose workouts with a plyo box,
dip bar, jump rope, kettlebell, medicine
ball, pull up bar, or sandbag. Includes
bodyweight-only option as well.


Interval Timer

Use the timer and stopwatch functions
to do your own workouts at any time.


100+ Built-In Exercises

View step-by-step instructions and video
demonstrations for every exercise at any time.


Apple Watch App

Track your workout on the go with the new 12 Minute Athlete Apple Watch app. Quick workout mode, 12 and 16 minute workouts, and time challenge workout options help you get a workout in anywhere, anytime.


User Reviews

“Never has it been easier to get in a workout. Seriously, this app is so simple to use, it gives you a new workout with exactly the gear you have on hand and you don’t even need to set your timer. And it takes 12 minutes. Boom!”

“This is the best app I have EVER purchased. It is priceless.
I love the pics and the videos. The timer is great! Everything about it is amazing. It’s so simple and easy to use.”

“This app makes it so easy to get a varied, quick, hardcore workout in. From the built in timer to the videos explaining the moves to the selection of workouts based off of equipment one has available, this is a godsend. Who doesn’t have 12 minutes in their day to do something good for themselves?”

“Absolutely the best fitness app for those who want a truly killer workout in minimal time whether or not you have access to a gym or equipment. If you get only one fitness app ever, this is the one to buy.”

“Excellent app. Very well designed, great workout randomized to keep you motivated each day. I’ve been a fan of 12 Minute Athlete on the web for some time now and this app is exactly what I would have hoped for!”

Thanks for the great app! $2 was definitely a better deal than a gym membership!

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