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12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts App

12 Minute Athlete hiit workouts app

12 Minute Athlete is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) program of incredibly effective workouts that you can do in around just 12 minutes a day with minimal equipment and no gym membership.

Get in the best shape of your life today. No excuses!

12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts, available for both iPhone and Android, includes detailed instructions and video demonstrations of the exercises to help you get through each of the workouts. Just pick how long you want your workout to be, choose which equipment you want to use, then work hard!

Also includes an easy-to-use interval timer and stopwatch so you can do your own workouts at any time.

  • 185+ full-body HIIT workouts to choose from. Workouts are either 12 minutes, 16 minutes or time challenge.
  • Short, intense workouts focus on strength, cardio, interval and core training.
  • Seven possible equipment choices with option to choose bodyweight-only workout as well.
  • Simple functionality, easy and fun to use.
  • 40+ bodyweight and equipment-based exercises included.
  • Access to step-by-step instructions and video demonstrations for every exercise at any time.
  • Ability to save favorite workouts and interval timers for easy access.
  • Share your workout on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Interval timer, stopwatch and countdown timer gives you the option to do your own workouts at any time.

Get the app for just $2.99 in the iTunes Store or Google Play store!


12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app
12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app


What people are saying about the
12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app

12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts has been downloaded over 90,000 times in the iTunes Store and Google Play Store, and consistently gets 4 and 5 star ratings from users.

Here’s what users are saying about the app:

“Never has it been easier to get in a workout. Seriously, this app is so simple to use, it gives you a new workout with exactly the gear you have on hand and you don’t even need to set your timer. And it takes 12 minutes. Boom!”

“Absolutely the best fitness app for those who want a truly killer workout in minimal time whether or not you have access to a gym or equipment. If you get only one fitness app ever, this is the one to buy.”

“This is the best app I have EVER purchased. It is priceless. I love the pics and the videos. The timer is great! Everything about it is amazing. It’s so simple and easy to use.”

“Excellent app. Very well designed, great workout randomized to keep you motivated each day. I’ve been a fan of 12 Minute Athlete on the web for some time now and this app is exactly what I would have hoped for!”

“This app makes it so easy to get a varied, quick, hardcore workout in. From the built in timer to the videos explaining the moves to the selection of workouts based off of equipment one has available, this is a godsend. Who doesn’t have 12 minutes in their day to do something good for themselves?”

“I’ve tried many exercise apps and none compare to 12 Minute Athlete!”

Watch the video to see the app in action:


12 Minute Athlete HIIT Timer (free) – iPhone Only

12 Minute Athlete HIIT workouts app

The free 12 Minute Athlete app is a programmable interval timer and stopwatch perfect for interval workouts and HIIT training.

Whether you’re into bodyweight workouts, HIIT, weights, CrossFit, boxing, or MMA, the 12 Minute Athlete free app is an easy-to-use, beautifully designed tool perfect for all your workout needs.

Key features:

  • Easily program your high/low interval and number of intervals
  • Save your favorite interval timers for easy access
  • Simple functionality, intuitive design, easy to use
  • Post your workout to Twitter or Facebook
  • Play your own music during your workout

Perfect for use with 12 Minute Athlete workouts or any workout of your choice!

12 Minute Athlete app

  PS. You rock!