How to do the 12 Minute Athlete
workouts with little or no equipment.

No equipment? No problem.

Every one of the 12 Minute Athlete workouts can be done using only your body weight (and very little space).

You won’t get the exact same workout as you would with the equipment… but that’s OK.

The minimal equipment we use here on the site is to challenge you and add variation to the workouts. It’s not crucial by any means.

Work hard enough, and I promise the workout will still kick your ass.

Here are substitutions for some of the most common exercises we do here on the 12 Minute Athlete:

Back lunges w/ sandbag press:
Back lunges using dumbbells or a random heavy object instead of a sandbag, back lunges with hands behind head

Bent over rows w/ sandbag:
Substitute sandbag for dumbbells or heavy object

Box jumps:
Tuck jumps , Double unders

Two chairs close together as substitute for dip station or parallel bars, Triceps push ups

Double unders:
Tuck jumps

High knees w/ jump rope:
High knees

Kettlebell high pull:
Sandbag squats, Air squats , Wall balls , Air squats

Kettlebell swings:
Sandbag or dumbbell swings, High knees w/ jump rope , High knees , Squat jumps , Wall balls

Knees to elbows:
V ups , Sit ups

Knee raises:
V ups , Sit ups

Leg raises:
V ups

Pull ups:
Handstand push ups , Pike plank push ups , Dive bomber push ups

Reverse push ups:
Grab onto the underside of a table or chair, or do Push ups , Reptile push ups , Dive bomber push ups

Sandbag squats:
Air squats , or squats with dumbbells or a backpack filled with heavy objects

Side lunges w/ sandbag:
Side lunges without using a sandbag, or side lunges with dumbbells or a backpack filled with heavy objects without using a sandbag, or side lunges with dumbbells or a backpack filled with heavy objects

Turkish get ups (kettlebell):
Turkish get ups holding a dumbbell or heavy object or turkish get ups with hands clasped behind head

Wall balls:
Squat jumps , Snowboarder jumps , Burpees , or simply use another type of ball (basketball, soccer ball, etc.) in place of medicine ball

If you have a question about a specific exercise substitution not listed here, feel free to ask in the comments of the workout for that day or get in touch here

Quick equipment
substitution guide:

High bench, stairs (or simply do substitute exercises described above)

Dip station:
Two chairs or high stools

Jump rope:
Just do the same exercises, bodyweight only (but really, get yourself a jump rope—they’re cheap! And awesome!)

Dumbbell, sandbag, or a heavy, awkward object

Pull up bar:
See individual exercise substitutions above

Dumbbells or a backpack/duffel bag filled with heavy objects (or make your own sandbag using a burlap bag and some sand)

You need a timer for these workouts. You can get the official iPhone or Android app, or there are also several websites that offer free interval timers if you prefer.