100 Ways to Get Moving Outdoors This Summer

Looking for ways to get outside this summer? Here are 100 ways to have fun and get fit outdoors:

1. Go to the beach.

2. Take your canine friend to a local dog park.

3. Try hang gliding.

4. Take up windsurfing.

5. Take up kiteboarding.

6. Do your workouts outside.

7. Go swim in a lake.

8. Go camping.

9. Learn to sail.

10. Sign up for a sprint triathlon.

11. Go for a hike.

12. Dust off your bike and take it for a ride around town.

13. Pack a picnic and eat outside.

14. Run stairs.

15. Buy a kite and fly it on a windy day.

16. Play bocce ball.

17. Gather your friends and set up a sand volleyball court.

18. Run lines (high school basketball-style) on an outdoor court.

19. Take your kids (or your nieces or nephews) to a park.

20. Take a walk outside.

21. Try surfing.

22. Try paddle boarding.

23. Rent a canoe.

24. Rent a kayak.

25. Organize a capture the flag game.

26. Go for a run or a stroll on the beach.

27. Go boogie boarding.

28. Buy a frisbee and throw it.

29. Shoot some hoops at your local outdoor court.

30. Play tennis.

31. Do wall balls outside.

32. Do cartwheels in the grass.

33. Play tether ball.

34. Get out your old skateboard (or borrow your teenager’s).

35. Waterski.

36. Ride around town on a scooter.

37. Rent a paddle boat.

38. Put a table outside and play table tennis.

39. Do pull ups on an outdoor bar.

40. Walk up hills.

41. Take your dog for a walk.

42. Play handball.

43. Play a round of golf.

44. Play put-put golf.

45. Go hit golf balls at a driving range.

46. Take your kids (or your friends) to a waterpark.

47. Swim.

48. Go berry picking.

49. Play croquet.

50. Play horseshoes.

51. Go backpacking.

52. Climb a tree.

53. Go cliff diving.

54. Wakeboard.

55. Bring out your inner daredevil and go sky diving.

56. Find a local trail and go mountain biking.

57. Take part in a cyclocross race.

58. Do some yoga outside.

59. Practice your gymnastics in the grass.

60. Hula hoop.

61. Run in the sprinklers like you did when you were a kid.

62. Play on the swings.

63. Have a slip and and slide party.

64. Break out your inner hippy and practice your hackie sack skills.

65. Run a marathon. Or a half marathon. Or a 5k.

66. Participate in a Tough Muddler event.

67. Do a walkathon.

68. Play tag.

69. Join an ultimate frisbee team.

70. Kick a soccer ball with friends.

71. Play disk golf.

72. Organize a flag football game.

73. Play HORSE (or PIG).

73. Ride a horse.

74. Play Twister in your backyard.

75. Do some Tai Chi on top of a mountain.

76. Play water polo.

77. Play badminton.

78. Play outdoor squash.

79. Organize a lawn bowling game.

80. Weed your garden.

81. Juggle in the park.

82. Bounce on a pogo stick in your driveway.

83. Go snorkeling in a tropical place.

84. Take up scuba diving.

85. Go fishing.

86. Practice your climbing skills on an outdoor climbing wall.

87. Do an outdoor bootcamp.

88. Have a crab walking race in the park.

89. Plant a tree.

90. Jump rope outside.

91. Explore a national park.

92. Go bar hopping (by foot).

93. Go on a wine tasting bike tour.

94. Play fetch with your dog in the park.

95. Get some friends together for an outdoor sparring session (wear padding).

96. Shadow box or hit a punching bag outside.

97. Skip rocks in a pond.

98. Play hopscotch.

99. Take up BMX biking.

100. Play in the sun.

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