June Flexibility Challenge – Week 2: Flexible Shoulders

It’s Week 2 of the June Flexibility Challenge! Are you feeling more flexible yet?

This week we’re focusing on overhead and shoulder mobility. Flexible shoulders can help you in SO many exercises, like handstands, pull ups, burpees, and more!

Building up your shoulder flexibility is also a great way to counteract the slouched position that so many of us spend time in these days.

If you spend a good portion of your day sitting at a desk working on a computer, these stretches will help you straighten out and make your shoulders feel AMAZING!

Keep sharing pictures of progress with the tags @12minuteathlete and #12MAflexibility for the chance to win my favorite foam roller and a signed copy of the 12 Minute Athlete book!

Check out my Instagram or Facebook page to find videos, and download the full workout calendar here.

Aim to do the exercises for Week 2 at least three times this week, in addition to your regular workouts.

You can also continue to do last week’s stretches to keep building up that hamstring and hip flexor flexibility.

Just joining us? Find the challenge info and workout calendar here, or click here to head over to the Week 1 exercises

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June Flexibility Challenge – Week 1: Flexible Hamstrings + Hip Flexors

It’s time to get bendy! To kick off Week 1 of the June Flexibility Challenge, we’re focusing on building more flexible hamstrings and hip flexors. 

Many athletes struggle with chronically tight hamstrings, and that can inhibit your workouts – not to mention making you really uncomfortable in any kind of straight-leg position.

Some of our favorite 12 Minute Athlete exercises like pistol squats, front splits, and mountain climbers rely on mobility in the hips and hamstrings to truly get the best out of the workout.

So we’re going to open them up to see what a difference more flexible hamstrings can make!

Getting more flexible hamstrings might seem like a long shot now, but do this exercise routine at least three times per week in addition to your regular workouts and see if you notice a change!

Follow along with the 12 Minute Athlete community by posting pictures of your progress on our Facebook group  with the tags @12minuteathlete and #12MAflexibility.

Remember, one lucky participant will win my favorite foam roller and a signed copy of the 12 Minute Athlete book.

Visit the main challenge page to download the workout calendar to help you stay on track with your exercises.

Oh, and don’t forget to warm up first! You can either do these stretches immediately after your workout or after a short dynamic warm up. You should never stretch completely cold.

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The 12 Minute Athlete June Flexibility Challenge

12 Minute Athlete Flexibility Challenge

“Get more flexible” is a common goal in the 12 Minute Athlete community. So for our June community challenge, we’re focusing on building flexibility through targeted stretches and mobility work. 

Flexibility isn’t just helpful for stretching into cool-looking poses, although it’s an awesome perk! Improving your flexibility and mobility can help you maintain proper form in your workouts, help your muscles recover faster, and improve your overall posture in your daily life.

If you…

  • Want to feel less tight following a workout
  • Spend most of your workday sitting at a desk
  • Want less back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, etc.
  • Have trouble getting through a workout because of tight muscles
  • Want to improve your form during workouts
  • Feel muscle imbalances when you have extended exercise (like walking, running, and hiking)

…then this challenge is for you!

Download the challenge calendar here. 

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Recap: March Core Strength Challenge, Week 1

You all rocked the first week of the Core Strength Challenge! We loved seeing your photos and videos on our Instagram and Facebook group. You inspired us, showed us how hard you’re working, and kept things light with humor!

Oh, and you introduced us to your workout-accompanying doggos. And we love them all 🙂

Here’s a recap of Week 1, with some of our favorite photos from the Instagram and Facebook Page – keep tagging us at #12MAcore and @12minuteathlete and you might see your photo in next week’s recap!

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