Dark Chocolate Peppermint Protein Truffle Recipe

I’m a huge fan of all things minty + chocolatey.

It’s just one of those amazing combinations that makes me love it even more every time I taste the two flavors together. I love it in all forms as well—whether it’s ice cream, gelato, chocolate bars, brownies, you name it.

But alas, the usual chocolate and mint combination tends to be full of sugar and butter as well, making it a less than healthy choice most of the time (a little here and there is just fine, however. That’s what the 80/20 rule is for!).

So that’s why I was super excited when I came up with this chocolate peppermint protein truffle recipe. They’re covered in dark chocolate, which satisfies my chocolate craving, but also include healthy fats and even some protein to make them much more filling than the regular holiday truffle.

Here’s the dark chocolate peppermint protein truffle recipe:

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No Bake Gingerbread Protein Bites

Who doesn’t love all things gingerbread?

Well, I do. I love just about anything gingerbread and molasses-related. This used to actually be a big problem, because I’d buy a big bag of gingerbread cookies and eat EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Let me tell you, all that leads to is feeling very, very sick afterwards (and having to buy bigger pants).

But these gingerbread bites are not only much, much healthier for you than the normal holiday gingerbread treats, they taste awesome as well! I love them as a snack or dessert any time of the day. And as a bonus, I don’t even feel guilty when I eat more than one of them.

Plus, since they require zero baking and pretty simple ingredients, they’re super easy to whip up whenever you’re craving something sweet but still pretty healthy.

Here’s your no bake gingerbread protein bite recipe:

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Dark Chocolate Covered Strawberry Protein Bites Recipe

Sometimes, you just need something that’s easy to make, satisfying, and looks (and tastes) about as close to a “real” treat as possible.

I was having one of those days recently. I had a massive sweet tooth, but really wanted to eat something healthier than the actual chocolate truffles lurking in my treat cupboard (yes, I have a treat cupboard. It’s always overflowing with protein bars and chocolate and other goodness).

I was also feeling pretty lazy, and didn’t want to make some big production or overly mess up my kitchen. So I looked in the fridge, and there were some strawberries waiting to be eaten. I thought… what if I put these in a protein bite? And that’s how these protein bites were made.

Give them a shot! You can also substitute the fruit for whatever you like—I’d imagine blueberries or raspberries would be especially delicious as well.

Here’s the strawberry protein bites recipe:

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Energizing Quinoa Protein Bites

When I set out to make this recipe, I’d originally planned on making protein bars, not bites. I wanted to make something using quinoa, because not only is it a great source of energy, it also contains more protein than most other grains and carbohydrates (and, also, I’d just made a bunch and wanted to use it up).

But, unsurprisingly, the quinoa ended up making bars that were really crumbly, so I decided to improvise and make them bite-sized instead. They turned out awesome! Not too sweet, with just the right amount of coconut, cherries and, of course, chocolate. They’re perfect for a pre-workout meal or a snack to energize you any time of the day.

Also, they’re really easy to make, so don’t get intimidated by the ingredient list. You can also improvise and the recipe to your heart’s content depending on what you’re craving and what you have on hand when you’re making them.

Here’s how to make energizing quinoa protein bites:

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Valentine’s Day Protein Truffles Recipe

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!

I’m not really a Valentine’s Day person, since I prefer pull ups and burpees to sappy romance and greeting card holidays (anyone else?). However, I am a huge fan of chocolate—specifically dark chocolate—so I’ll use any possible reason to make something new that’s chocolatey and delicious.

These dark chocolate protein truffles are not only delicious, they’re also packed with protein and healthy fats and use only a small amount of natural sweetener for an extra boost of wow. Trust me, they’re at least 10 times better for you than any candy you’re going to buy at the store, and they’re so good you won’t even feel like you’re being deprived when you make them for your sweetheart (or yourself).

Here’s how to make Valentine’s Day Dark Chocolate Protein Truffles:

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Decadent Holiday Gingerbread Protein Truffles


Love gingerbread around the holidays, but don’t like what it does to your waistline?

Yeah, me too.

I’ve always had a thing for gingerbread molasses cookies, cakes and everything else. But since most gingerbread treats are packed with butter and sugar, I do my best to avoid it (most of the time).

So that’s why, after going grocery shopping one day and avoiding the temptation to buy everything gingerbread in the entire store, I decided it was time to make a healthified version of my favorite holiday treat. I put together these protein truffles, and… whoa! I think these may just satisfy every gingerbread craving I’ve ever had.

Spicy and sweet, chewy but still soft, with a layer of dark chocolate on the outside, these gingerbread truffles are all the gingerbread you could ever desire.

And, since they’re packed with protein and contain no added sugar, you don’t even have to feel guilty about eating them.

Here’s how to make these extremely decadent holiday gingerbread protein truffles:

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