Friday Challenge Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge
Workout time: ?

Complete 10 rounds of the following as fast as possible:

10 burpees
50 high knees


Make sure you write down your time from today’s workout so you can compare it to future workouts! And, as always, PUSH HARD.

Did you do this workout?

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9 thoughts on “Friday Challenge Workout”

  1. Love those burpees! 14:30 for this old guy. It is so great being finished everything , warm up, workout, cool down in about 20 minutes or less. Heck, before your program I was still doing warm ups at the 15-20 minute mark. Can’t say that I miss those body beating hour plus daily workouts. Have a great weekend.

    • 14:30 is still an awesome time, James! We’ll definitely do this workout again in the future – will be fun to see how your time improves.

      Thanks for letting me know how the workouts are going for you. I love hearing how you’re doing!

  2. Krista , what are your warm ups and how long are they? Perhaps they could be posted somewhere. I’m sure I probably do to much. Still trying to break this more is better thing that I got myself into. Tax

      • Good question, James! I’ll do a post on it in a week or two – but as a general rule, I’d spend no more than 5 minutes warming up. Jump roping a little and some air squats or a short jog (I always add in a handstand too) should suffice.

        Hope that helps for now, I’ll let you know when the post is out.


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