12-Minute Sprint Conditioning HIIT Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30

1. Long jumps
2. Reptile push ups
3. Line sprints
4. Side lunges
5. High knees
6. Plank hip dips

Bonus: 75 Pike jumps


Leave your reps in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

Long jumps (12, 11, 11)
Reptile push ups (17, 15, 15)
Line sprints (6, 6, 6)
Side lunges (27, 26, 27)
High knees (114, 113, 114)
Plank hip dips (33, 32, 32)

Did you do this workout?

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2 thoughts on “12-Minute Sprint Conditioning HIIT Workout”

  1. Hi, Krista,

    Love these, as always. After a couple o years of doing your workouts 2X/week, I’m getting pretty used to the number of reps I can do. Sometimes I try to exceed them, sometimes I finish my (whatever the number is) and wonder why the buzzer isn’t going off.
    So today I set my timer for 34 seconds, rather than 30. It was illuminating (of course I did more of everything, but since I was trying to get the most possible into a new time, somehow my “oh, I’ve finished my 108 high knees, should be time for the ringer” trigger never got set off. I recommend having a day of 32-minute intervals!
    Thanks for all the great ideas!


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