4 Common Excuses Not to Work Out (And How to Push Through Them)

Let’s face it, we’re all pretty good at making excuses not to work out at times.

And while it’s certainly important to listen to your body and take a rest day when you need it, most people end up taking more rest than they actually need—not because their body is asking for it, but because they keep finding excuses not to work out.

But you’re not going to let excuses stop you, are you? Because you’re awesome and you’re a total badass. Excuses won’t hold you back!

Here are 4 common excuses not to work out, and how to push through them every time:

Excuse #1: No time

Yes, I know: you’re busy. You have a career to pursue, friends and family to spend time with, and a world to make a difference in.

But really, guys—these HIIT workouts are 12 minutes long.

(Ok yes, some are a little longer, but they should all take you under 20 minutes.)

12 minutes!

Everyone has an extra 12 minutes in their day. Seriously, think of all the times during the day you’re wasting 12 minutes doing pretty much nothing. Sitting in traffic, zoning out during some lame TV show, taking an extra long shower, or whatever. No matter what your day is like, you can find a few minutes here and there that add up to enough time for you to fit an entire workout in.

And if you’re really strapped for time, can always just do a tabata workout, because something is better than nothing, and even a little bit here and there is going to keep you fitter than making excuses will.

Excuse #2: No gym

If you’re like most people who have exercised for a while, you probably feel pretty comfortable in a gym—but the second you step outside of a gym, go on vacation, or are stuck at home in a snowstorm for days, you have no idea how to keep exercising.

And though I do love kettlebells, pull up bars, jump ropes and a few other tools for training, the truth is that the simplest and most effective way to develop strength, gain endurance and lose fat is to train using nothing more than your own body.

That means that even if you don’t have a gym, you can still stay in shape with awesome exercises like burpees, pistols, handstands, and others.

Get ideas for bodyweight-only workouts here.

Excuse #3: No energy

We all get tired. And I’m certainly no exception.

But the funny thing about exercise is that the more you do it, the more energy you actually have. If you’re someone who exercises regularly then takes some time off, you’ll be surprised at how your energy level drops. There’s just something about forcing yourself to move that actually makes you want to move even more.

So next time you’re feeling sleepy, or fatigued, or your muscles are aching but you know you don’t actually need a rest day, tell your mind to just be quiet and get up and work out anyway.

Nine times out of ten, you’ll not only feel more energized after your workout, you’ll also be in a better mood, feel less fatigued overall and feel more alert and excited about the day ahead. Don’t skip it!

Excuse #4: No motivation

Sometimes, nothing else is stopping you from not working out aside from your own motivation.

Don’t worry. That’s normal.

We all have times when we’re less than motivated to work out. Trust me, there are days when I want to be doing anything but working hard, but I push myself and do something anyway, because I’d rather push myself through a bit of pain and torture even when I’m not feeling into it than feel bad about missing my workout later.

This mindset has worked well for me over the past few years because I’ve been able to establish such a deeply ingrained fitness habit, but you’ll need to find your own ways to push yourself when you’re feeling less than motivated.

One way to do this is to dig deep down and find your own reasons to work out. Make sure to go deeper than just looks—because sometimes, looking good just isn’t enough. You might decide that being stronger makes you feel more confident, or want to stay healthy to keep up with your kids.

Whatever your reason, the key is to try and find something that keeps you going even on the days when you’d rather be doing anything but working out.

Need a little extra motivation? Read this.

No excuses, people!

There are always going to be times when it’s tempting to skip your workout and do something—anything—else to pass the time. But while it’s certainly acceptable to take breaks here and there to let your body rest and repair itself, ultimately you need to learn how to push past your excuses and just do the work.

I know it’s tough. But you can do it, guys. I believe in you!

“You can have results or you can have results—you can’t have both.” – Author unknown

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  1. hi – been lurking for a while. found your site looking for kettlebell workouts.

    i have a question – is there a difference between your 12 minute workouts
    and tabata workouts? you had a post recently about tabata being 8 sets
    of 10/20 but your 12 minutes are 18 sets of 10/30 which would seem
    a lot more intense.

    i enjoy your posts.
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