5 Reasons to Get Strong Today

There’s no question about it: being strong is becoming more and more cool.

Although professional athletes have always trained for performance, most of the general population mostly worked out for appearance reasons alone. Yet as the benefits of staying strong and fit throughout our lifetime are becoming more and more clear, both men and women are focusing more on strength—not just physique—as a reason to get fit.

We love feeling strong here at 12 Minute Athlete, and today we’re bringing you five really good reasons to get strong. Read them to get motivated and fired up, then check out our brand-new strength-building program below!

You’ll Be Able to Confidently Try New Things

When you’ve spent countless hours working really hard to get strong, you become less afraid to try new skills, sports, or activities.

I’ve experienced this so many times personally since I started to get stronger—while I used to be incredibly nervous to try new things, whether it was learning to do a handstand, rock climb, wakeboard, or whatever the activity, as I got stronger and fitter, my confidence increased and my fear level went down.

Why? Because I had proved to myself through building my strength that even if I didn’t start out great at something, if I put in the work I knew I could improve. Plus, just about every sport or activity is easier if you go into it with a certain level of strength.

You’ll Function Better in Everyday Life

You’ve probably heard a lot about functional fitness these days, a type of fitness that helps you move better in real life and in sports. And there’s no doubt about it, training your own bodyweight for maximum strength is the ultimate form of functional fitness, since it helps you develop useful athletic abilities that can help you no matter what you’re doing—whether you’re climbing a tree, lifting a suitcase over your head in an airplane, or playing with your kids at the playground.

When you work at getting strong and moving your body the way it was designed to move, you’ll move better in all areas of your life.

You’ll Have Some Cool Party Tricks

Have you ever seen someone do an elbow lever, a freestanding handstand, or even a pistol squat in person? Cool strength and skill exercises like these will are pretty impressive feats—and will no doubt amaze your friends.

So while we would never recommend building strength just to show off and impress your friends, it’s certainly a plus.

You’ll Set a Good Example For Others

Focusing on building your own strength and skills will not only benefit you, it will inevitably inspire those around you as well. When your friends and family see you working hard and making improvements, they may just start to take some steps on their own to get stronger and improve their own healthy lifestyle.

And if you have kids, they will definitely learn from your example. I can’t tell you how many little girls I’ve seen trying to do pull ups or handstands after watching me do them!

You’ll Feel Like You Can Conquer the World

Feeling physically strong doesn’t just translate to better workouts, it also increases your confidence in almost every other area of your life as well. Knowing you can pull yourself up and over a ledge or lift something heavy above your head creates more of a feeling of independence, especially for women.

And realizing that with hard work you can do amazing things makes you more likely to take risks and pursue your biggest dreams in fitness as well as life.

Get Strong With Our Newest Program!

We’re extremely excited to announce our newest workout program in partnership with Rubberbanditz: Bodyweight Strength + Power. The program will be available next week, and here’s everything you need to know about it:

What is it? Bodyweight Strength + Power is a 90-day workout program designed to help you get super strong, boost your conditioning, and increase your athletic potential.

Who is it for? The program is for intermediate and advanced athletes. Both men and women will benefit from the program.

When will it be available? You can get the program both here on 12minuteathlete.com and the 12 Minute Athlete HIIT Workouts app starting Tuesday, September 12th.

Keep an eye out for an email announcement about the program and a discount code!

Stay strong,


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