7 Things Really Fit People Do to Stay in Shape


7 Things Really Fit People Do To Stay In Shape

You know that really fit person that doesn’t even seem to try to stay in shape?

The person who confesses to actually crave vegetables and looks forward to her daily workout, yet never seems to obsess about every calorie and eats dessert without even feeling guilty?

That person doesn’t just have really good genes. Whether knowing it or not, she has built up a set of habits over the years that allows her to stay in shape without putting in a lot of effort. And those habits can equal the difference between a really fit person—and a couch potato.

Here are 7 things really fit people do to stay in shape:

1. They don’t diet.

Have you ever known someone in really great shape who was constantly trying out every new fad diet?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Because for the most part, fit people don’t diet—they make healthy eating a part of their lifestyle.

While I recommend sticking to an 80/20 nutrition plan, ultimately, the key to staying fit and eating healthy is learning to listen to your body. What makes you feel good? What keeps you feeling full and energized throughout the day? What helps you kick ass during your workouts? What keeps you feeling and looking fit?

If you learn to answer these questions for yourself, you’ll soon be on the road to embracing healthy eating as a lifestyle, not following every new diet that comes along.

2. They find a way to enjoy exercise.

If you’re one of those people who absolutely dreads every minute of your approaching treadmill workout, and hate it even more once you’re there, it’s time to find a different approach to exercise.

Because more often than not, fit people find a way to actually enjoy—and even look forward to—their workouts.

And while that may not always mean they’re excited to lace up their sneakers and go for a run on a rainy day, it does mean that they like the feeling of being fit and value that more than their desire to sit on the couch.

If you really hate to exercise, the problem may be with your workout, not you. Everyone enjoys different things—I used to hate working out when running was all I did, but ever since I discovered HIIT, I can hardly go a day without working out.

So find something you like—whether it’s HIIT, sports, boot camps, CrossFit, or something else entirely—and start looking forward to your workouts, not dreading them.

3. They prioritize their health and fitness.

While most people let work, family, social engagements and other priorities get in the way of exercise, really fit people make exercise a priority no matter what.

Yes, this may mean having to get up 15 minutes earlier when you’d rather be sleeping, working out on vacation, or fitting in a workout even when your life seems busier than you can handle. But once you build up the habit, it actually becomes harder to not exercise because you become so used to prioritizing it in your life.

“People who are fit are the same as anyone else. The only difference is their level of commitment.” – Boxing champion Laila Ali

4. They don’t eat perfect 100% of the time.

Sure, there’s that rare person with 5% body fat that refuses even a single bite of chocolate and seems to be ok with it. But most of us need to cheat a little in order to keep our sanity.

Giving yourself a cheat meal or day every once in a while ensures you don’t feel bitter about your healthy diet and go crazy and binge on all the things you’re missing out on.

So don’t feel guilty if you enjoy a cookie, some dark chocolate or your favorite treat once in a while—just don’t let it become too frequent of a habit or you’ll end up losing all that hard work you put in during your workouts.

5. They get a lot of sleep.

If you still think being fit is only about how often you work out, you need to think again. Because one of the top things fit people do to stay healthy and fit isn’t exercise based at all—it’s sleep.

Not only does sleep give you the energy you need to work out on a regular basis, it also helps regulate your metabolism, repair your muscles, boost your athletic performance and more.

Aim for at least 7-8 hours each night, and you’ll be a healthier, fitter and a happier person overall.

6. They hang around other fit people.

You know that saying, “you are what you eat?” Well, you are who you eat with (and socialize with) as well.

Think about it: if all your friends are constantly getting fast food and donuts for dessert, and always choosing sedentary activities like going to movies or sitting around for hours, what do you think you’re going to do? Probably eat junk and sit around all day too.

On the other hand, if your friends are into healthy cooking, or trying new restaurants with local, fresh ingredients, and want to go bike riding or organize a pick up game of soccer for fun, you’re most likely going to join in and be more active as a result.

This may be difficult at first if you have old friends with unhealthy habits, but you can try and encourage them to be healthy too with small adjustments to your usual activities—and you can always try and meet some new more active, healthy friends as well.

7. They stay active outside of the gym

While fit people always make it a priority to get in planned exercise on a regular basis, they don’t limit exercise solely to the gym (or home gym)—they do all they can do stay active outside of their workouts as well.

So how can you start incorporating this into your own life? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Walk wherever and whenever possible.
  • Pick active weekend activities like bike rides, hikes, or tennis.
  • Take the stairs. Always.
  • Choose active vacations. Hiking, kayaking, skiing, swimming, biking… there are so many possibilities!
  • Get up and move whenever you can. Sitting is bad for you. Move often.

And most of all, believe in yourself. You can do it. Now go get started.

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73 thoughts on “7 Things Really Fit People Do to Stay in Shape”

  1. Great post Krista! Every one of these seven points is right on the money. I struggle with the sleep thing. Sometimes it’s self inflicted but more often it is a result of other circumstances.

  2. Thanks for the reminders as well as the advice. Prioritizing workouts is something to be desired and I tend to fluctuate when it comes to fitness but my driving factor is usually my bike. When it’s out of commission I get lazy and stop WANTING to go out and practice because step one is repairing it and the procrastinator in me emerges. None-the-less, I wouldn’t argue that fit people indeed do all of these things regularly. I’m on board with Anthony as well only chronic insomnia is my killer. Prescribed meds haven’t helped but oddly enough Melatonin works better. Give that a shot Anthony, about 5mgs roughly an hour before you’d like to go to bed should show some results.

  3. OMG Thanks Krista!! This helped my younger sister a lot (she lost 20 pounds in a few months)!!
    Yeah, I know it’s crazy that she’s not thanking you but believe me, she is GRATEFUL to this page and you (of course)

  4. Yippy did the burpee challenge…..what a work out. Did 100 in over 12 minutes but well. …it’s called a challenge for a reason right. Will keep at it!!! Great realistic article!!!

  5. Just joined the movement Krista and have being doing some personal research on fitness, well-being and Nutrition liking very much comments made about fit peoples habits, spot on as I reflected back when I was at my peak. Now older and very out of shape your 12 minute work outs already enthuse me,so I’ll let you know how I progress. Much thanks New Zealand and keep up the good work 🙂 #grateful

  6. People think that you have to be perfect to get in better shape. Point 4 is really good. Once people realize that you could cheat occasionally they would not be hard on themselves. However, they have to get to the point where they earn the right to cheat.

  7. Right on the money, Krista. We have been blessed with lots of snow in the mountains, so snowshoeing twice a week is my preferred exercise right now. Wish I could go every day, but I have to work – sad face.

  8. This is definitely an amazing article Krista. I would like to add few more points which I have seen many fit people do:

    * They use media/tv to keep themselves inspired ( movies like Rocky, some WWE specials, boxing matches, soccer etc give them the reason to carry on). They read related articles on the website….it keeps them motivated
    * They drink lots of water. ( this is a cause of concern for many people. Many people try to substitute water with aerated drinks or supplements. While those things are good for a change, they do not replace water in any way.) In fact, I would rate water at par with good sleep.
    * Healthy people develop healthy challenging habits: I have seen many fit people do this. They create what we call ‘ Peer Pressure’. While workouts, they ask their friends to count till 10 or 20. They set a combination of practical and ambitious challenge for themselves. They believe in the saying “Do your best and a little more.”
    * They shop more on fitness. We all like to shop. Especially online shopping is a craze nowadays. Healthy people invest a lot on shopping for heath related items

    I hope it makes sense.

  9. Was glad to see that exercise was listed as basically moving in general and that it does not require a gym. Sports are fun and a great way to move. Diet is major. Our drinks contain way too much sugar so go with lots of water instead. NO SODA. For gut yeast take probiotics and limit sugar. Was so sorry to see Cross Fit listed here. Stay away from those maniacs.

  10. what comes natural to most athletes is surely a lifestyle of long lasting results,win or lose,it is how you play the game of healthy life ty jk!!

  11. I think when it comes to staying in shape the best thing anyone can do is start creating routines. Once your body gets used to doing something daily, you start to feel odd if you deviate from it.

    • Carol, that’s very true! Sometimes taking rest days can be difficult, and you definitely feel it with food – a few days without greens and other veggies makes you feel like crap. 🙂

      • routines are necessary for all things to keep in order,work play eat or sports,but one needs to rest completely,good for muscles,mind and your enthusiasm to start all over and do it again,all else in moderation.john k. uspta pro!!!

  12. I really like the second point “they find a way to enjoy exercise.” That is definitely something that I am still trying to figure out. My husband and I have been wanting to get some fitness memberships for a while now so we will have to keep these tips in mind. We will have to try some different things in order to figure out how to enjoy exercise.

    • Good luck Danni! It really is super important, because liking what you’re doing is actually the only way to stick with it!

  13. Thank you for this great, on point article. And yes, I think number 5 is one of the most crucial tips for bodybuilders or anyone who’s trying to be fitter. SLEEP is key!

  14. Thank’s a lot
    I have a exam & it’s very good for my exam.my teacher see it and sead your score is 100 of 100.
    Tnx honey

  15. I think its really important to find a motivation to be regular to gym, one had to be passionate about workout and staying fit. I have been always on & off to gym before I found working out really enjoyable. You got things on-point. Nice Post!

  16. I always prefer to make a healthy diet plan and exercise routine to stay in shape, It works for me- Most of the time I enjoy it, and I change diet plans once after every month to try and experiment. Thank you for the post!

  17. first of all, I really want to thank you for sharing this post with us. Your all 7 tips are really amazing. I definitely follow it. You did a great job. keep sharing these type of information.

  18. Hey Krista,
    I totally agree with you , to be around healthy people is very important. Missing on exercise routines is sometimes so tempting. However, looking at people around you, helps you stick with the routine and move ahead. Thank you

  19. Thank you writing such a interesting article on fitness.You mention important point on fitness in simple manner from which it can be easily understood.keep on writing such good article.

  20. I love this post because you share very unknown facts in this article. If anybody follow these tips, he/she will definitely get a best body shape. Thanks very much for sharing this informative article.

  21. the reasons given here are all totally correct word by word, cause its really a habit of those who are into fitness to hang around with people who are into fitness as well, very few people actually notice that and very few actually include it as one of the reason, this is definitely one of those articles where things have been written after observing a lot of things. Great article.

  22. Awesome! What a fantastic article is it? Many many thanks for sharing this post with us. Your all 7 tips are really amazing. I definitely follow it. Keep sharing these type of information.


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