What Does Living Mean to You?

What does living mean to you?

Does it mean being stuck in a stuffy gym, going round and round on some machine just like a hamster?

Does it mean sitting in a cubicle five days a week, getting your creativity sucked out of you in a dull, windowless room?

Does it mean doing something you’re not passionate about just so you can pay the bills?

Hating your body just because society tells you you should?

Living like you’ve lost your soul because you don’t know how else you should live?

If that’s the way you’re living your life, it’s time to change.

Because we’re only given one life, and we should do all we can to live it to the max.

This means, above all else, we should value:

  • Our health
  • Our relationships
  • Our souls

Nothing is more important. And whether you’re 25, 39, 57, even 88… it’s never too late to change.

Here are a few steps you can take to start living fully right now:

Get healthy.

Your health is what will lead to a long, happy and fulfilling life. Take care of yourself now, and it’ll pay off later… I promise.

If you don’t know where to start, I post new workouts 3x a week—so you’ll never have an excuse not to work out just because you don’t know what kinds of exercises to do.

Learn something new.

Learning keeps us interested in the world around us.

It keeps our minds fresh and youthful. Learning gives us a reason to move forward.

Never stop learning.

Do something nice for someone you care about.

Give your grandmother a quick call, make a nice dinner for your significant other, send a ‘thinking of you’ card in the mail to an old friend.

Nurture your relationships. No one wants to die alone.

Get outside more.

There’s nothing like the outdoors to clear your mind and put you in a better mood.

Plus, more often than not, it counts as exercise.

Get out often.

If you’re unhappy in your career, make a plan to change it.

What would make you happy?

This is the ultimate question, and the one most people have a hard time answering.

But you can’t ignore it. 

If you decide you need a complete change of course, The $100 Startup by one of my favorite authors, Chris Guillebeau, will give you lots of great ideas.

Start living fully today

Don’t waste your life in a coma.

Do something to change today, and reap the benefits for years to come.

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