Beginner Handstand Challenge: Week 4

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You’ve made it to the last week of the Beginner Handstand Challenge!

This week we’re focusing on putting all the skills from weeks one through three together and working to stay consistent in your handstand practice.

Even though the challenge is ending, your handstand journey doesn’t have to.

Stay Consistent

If you want to keep building up to a handstand after the challenge ends, your practice doesn’t need to be complicated…

…it just needs to be consistent.

Making progress on challenging goals like handstands doesn’t happen overnight.

Whether your goal is to crush a handstand or some other difficult skill, achieving that goal will take consistent training and effort over the long term.

What does that mean for your handstand workouts?

Rather than trying to spend tons of time on handstands every now and then, aim to work on your handstands at least three times a week.

And if you really want to make progress, spend 10-15 minutes almost every day practicing your handstand skills.

Training handstands for even 10-15 minutes a day on a near-daily basis is better than trying to work them (and getting frustrated) once a week for an hour or more.

No matter how out of reach your goal, the only way to get closer to it is to KEEP PRACTICING.

Beginner Handstand Challenge Week 4 Skills

For our last week of the challenge, we’re focusing on putting all of the skills from weeks one to three together and staying consistent with handstand practice.

Step up your handstand game by practicing this sequence a MINIMUM of five days during the final week of the challenge.

Complete three or more rounds**:

  • 30-60 second hollow body holds
  • 30-60 second chest to wall handstand
  • 30-60 seconds of wall scissors

**Do this sequence a minimum of five days a week during Week 4.

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