Introducing the 12MA Beginner Handstands Course

We’re excited to announce that our newest skill-based course, Beginner Handstands, is finally here!

We know you guys have been looking forward to a handstands course for some time for now, but we wanted to be sure that the course included the very best skill, strength, and flexibility exercises to help you build up to a freestanding handstand—so we took a little extra time to be sure that it’s the best it can be.

The brand new 12 Minute Athlete Beginner Handstands course is for everyone who wants to learn this gratifying skill.

So what are you waiting for?

Think Handstands Aren’t For You?

Let me guess: you think that since you didn’t start practicing handstands at the age of five, you’re too late to the party. But no matter what your previous experience, you can learn to handstand.

We truly believe that age is just a number, and we know plenty of people who have learned this skill way later in life.

I have absolutely no gymnastics background, and when I first started I didn’t truly believe there was any hope that I’d ever be able to hold a freestanding handstand one day. But with hard work and consistency, I slowly gained skills and confidence, and these days handstands are one of my favorite skills of all time.

And that can be you too! Our newest course will give you the skills and confidence to help you get there.

Already Familiar with Handstands?

Maybe you’ve been practicing handstands for a while now, or already took the Handstand Challenge last winter and became a bit more familiar with handstands, so you’re not sure if this course can help you.

It can! Beginner Handstands has additional resources that will help you strengthen certain areas that you may need support with, as well as proven progressions to help you build up to a handstand without a wall. We’ve put everything we know about handstands into this course to help you get where you want to be with your handstands.

Since everyone will be starting at a different level, Beginner Handstands is 100% self-paced. That means that no matter what your current starting point, Beginner Handstands will help you build strength and confidence upside down.

Progressing at your own speed is the only way that you will see results.

Build Strength and Confidence

By taking this course, you’ll build skills, strength, and confidence, and better yet, you’ll be able to show off your new skill wherever and whenever you want (handstands are a great party trick).

Cool factor aside, there are tons of actual awesome benefits in learning to handstand. Here’s what you’ll build when you go on your handstand journey:

Super Strength

There’s no doubt that handstands are one of the most difficult upper body exercises. You need to be crazy strong to be able to do them and hold yourself for any length of time.

By taking this course and working towards freestanding handstands, you’ll build super strong arms, shoulders, and core muscles.


You may be the strongest guy or gal at your gym, but without proper balance, you won’t be able to do a handstand.

When you are holding a handstand, you’re actually moving constantly. But those movements are super small.

Learning how to control your balance is one of the keys to a solid handstand, and we’ll teach you how to do it in this course.

Flexibility & Mobility

This course will also get you way bendier. So don’t worry if you’re not super flexible yet. We’ve got you covered.

Beginner Handstands will also provide you with a number of mobility exercises that help your joints to move better in handstands as well as in the rest of your workouts and life. We pay special attention to wrist and shoulder mobility, because these are the key joints in handstands.

What You’ll Get in Beginner Handstands

The most important thing is that you’re ready to work hard. Handstands take a lot of work, so although we’ve made them as easy for you as possible, you should be prepared to put in the work.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Beginner Handstands Course for just a one time payment of $19.99 USD:

  • Four detailed modules that you can go through at your own pace. You’ll move on to the next level after you’ve completed all of the goals in the previous one. This system allows you to progress as fast or slow as you need to.
  • Video Feedback Review Service to help you if you get stuck or have a question about your form. Just take a video of yourself and send it to us—we’ll take a look at your form and give you feedback and tips to help you keep progressing.
  • Videos and detailed descriptions for the very best handstand progressions that will help you to work your way up to freestanding handstands.
  • Warm up and stretching routines designed to prevent injuries, prepare your body for handstands, and cool it down and increase flexibility afterwards.
  • Additional strength exercises to help you to strengthen your upper body and core for solid handstands.
  • Additional HIIT workouts to keep your training more interesting and help keep up your strength and conditioning outside of handstand training.
  • Useful tools and tips that can help you keep your body healthy and injury-free during the course.
  • Email check-ins and support along the way to help you rock your handstand!

You’re In, Right?

We put this course together by using years of our own experience doing handstands and the best knowledge and tools we have. It won’t be easy, but if you follow the course, work hard, and train consistently, you’ll be busting out freestanding handstands before you know it.

So don’t waste your time trying to figure out everything yourself. This course has everything you need to know (and more) to rock your handstand as soon as possible.

Why wait? Get started today!

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4 thoughts on “Introducing the 12MA Beginner Handstands Course”

  1. Hi
    I have an ongoing back problem- I have to be careful not to over exercise or it starts aching again. Do you think I could try doing handstands. I would love stronger shoulders but have stopped lifting weights above my head because of my back.

    • Melanie, are you able to do a plank without pain? If so I’d recommend starting with some modified handstands with your feet on a chair, couch, etc. and your body in a 90 degree angle. If that feels ok, then you can try holding a handstand against the wall (for a few seconds is fine) to see how that feels on your back. If you pass both of those tests you should be good to go with the course! If not, try and build up a little strength first and focus on getting your back healthier before doing too many handstands.


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