Brand New Year Challenge Workout

Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Repeat 5x:

10 Box jumps
10 Pull ups
20 Jump lunges
10 Triceps push ups
10 Twisted hanging knee raises


Leave your time in the comments below.

My time for today’s workout: 12:41

Did you do this workout?

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6 thoughts on “Brand New Year Challenge Workout”

  1. is there any special exercises for 6 pack abs and biceps and how many times should we do them?. please answer. also how many 12 min workouts can we do in a day?

  2. 10:09 but that’s with tuck jumps substituted for box jumps and modified pike plank pushups (can’t bring forehead all the way to the floor) substituted for pull-ups. Definitely not fun, but it’s short : )


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