Fun and Festive Christmas Eve HIIT Workout


Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, I want to wish every single one of you a very, very happy holiday season. I hope you’re spending this time with loved ones or at least doing something that makes you happy.

I’m spending the holidays with my family up in the Portland, Oregon area, where it’s freezing and rains constantly (yes, I will admit it, I’m incredibly affected by the weather…).

But despite the weather, it’s been so nice to get to see my parents, siblings and my niece and nephews. I’ve spent the time exploring the city with my hubby, going on freezing cold walks with my mom, eating lots of incredible food, decorating Christmas cookies with the kids and of course, still getting my workouts in daily.

Tonight we’re all going over to my brother’s house for one of my favorite holiday traditions ever: Christmas Eve game night. We eat jambalaya (my family has never done the turkey thing for Christmas, though I have no idea why), watch a Christmas movie with the kids, then play board games while drinking wine and eating Christmas treats after the kids go to bed. It’s a pretty awesome tradition, if you ask me.

And of course, to help counteract all that food I’m about to eat tonight, I had to make sure to get a workout in! I made this one up special for Christmas Eve—get it over with early like I did so you can enjoy the rest of the day without thinking about anything aside from family, food and fun.

Work hard, and Happy Holidays!

Here’s your Christmas Eve workout:


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Repeat 5x:

20 Tuck jumps
10 Pull ups
20 Jump lunges
10 Diamond push ups
10 Knees to elbows

Bonus: 50 Air squats


Leave your time in the comments below.

My time for today’s workout (using a band for pull ups, air squats not included): 13:05

Did you do this workout?

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3 thoughts on “Fun and Festive Christmas Eve HIIT Workout”

  1. You’re in the wrong place Krista, here on the Gold Coast the temperature is nudging 37 degrees Celcius, the sky is clear and our Boot Camp group is working out on the foreshore so that we can be in calorie deficit before the big pigout….I’m about to make a sweet potato & spinach & cheese bake and a wild salad filled with lots of strange things, plus a veggie burger..all washed down with wine… dead turkeys for me..always reminds me of road kill.
    Have a good one and do your bicycle crunches, oblique twists and plank before you sit down to dinner…if you do them near the dinner table instead of saying grace, it always impresses your friends and makes everyone feel guilty….haha..xo..Graham


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