The 12 Minute Athlete March Core Strength Challenge

12 Minute Athlete Core Challenge

We are so excited to announce the newest community challenge — the March Core Strength Challenge! 

This month we’ll be focusing our efforts on building core strength.

(Ready to get started? Here’s Week 1 of the Core Challenge. You can download the challenge calendar here.)

Why all the fuss about core strength?

We include tons of core strength building exercises in our 12 Minute Athlete workouts, because a strong core helps everything.

A strong core helps us crush some serious bodyweight exercises like handstands and pistol squats, but it also allows us to stand up straight, walk with better posture, and even breathe better.

If you experience low back pain on a regular basis, working on your core strength can help relieve, and in some cases, even eliminate low back pain.

Your core helps you move through pretty much every other position, which means that building a strong core will not only make you feel fit and strong, but it will help you master all of your other fitness movements, as well as help with overall balance and stability.

The goal is to do these core strength focused workouts on top of your regular workouts or activities. This is a challenge, remember? You’ve got this!

30-Day Core Strength Challenge Details

The March Core Strength Challenge will run for four weeks, from March 4th to March 29th. The first week kicks off on Monday, March 4th.

  • Each workout should take you no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete.
  • Aim to do the workouts three times during the week.
  • We’ll post the weekly focus and instructions for the upcoming week on the blog each Monday.
  • Make sure to post in the 12MA Facebook group and tag #12MAcore and @12minuteathlete on social media.

We’re upping the ante this challenge! One hard worker will win:


What You Need to Participate

We’re keeping it simple for equipment this month! Don’t be afraid to get creative with your equipment if you don’t have a medicine ball or dumbbell. Here are our suggestions for equipment substitutions:

  • Week 1: No equipment needed
  • Weeks 2-4: A medicine ball, single dumbbell, or a bag filled with some heavy stuff

Sign up for the March Core Strength Challenge and get the 30-day challenge calendar below: 

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