How to Crush Your Workouts

Are you mindlessly drifting through your workouts, never pushing yourself to go harder, faster, stronger?

This kind of working out won’t get you anywhere.

Because if you want to reach your goals, become healthy for life, and get fitter than you ever thought possible, you can’t just half-ass your workouts.

You have to crush it.

Give it your all

The awesome thing about interval training is that you never have to worry about pacing yourself or saving your energy for later.

If you were running a marathon or participating in a triathlon, you couldn’t just give it your all the entire time—because you’d never finish. Instead, you’d have to pace yourself, working hard to find a steady stride so that you could stay at that exact same pace the entire time and never burn out.

Not so with interval training.

With interval training, because you’re only working in spurts of maybe 20, 30, or 50 seconds, you never have to hold back.

There’s no need to pace yourself, to think about how you’ll be at it for 30 or 60 minutes—because that’s just not the case.

Interval training only works when you work harder than you ever thought possible, making your muscles scream and sweat pour during every single interval.

So don’t hold back. Run, jump, and lift like your life depended on it. Crush it.

Do it with a smile on your face

Nothing great is truly achieved without enthusiasm. So how do you expect to kill it in your workouts—to keep getting stronger, fitter, faster—without a smile?

You have to embrace the pain. To love the burn in your lungs when you’re gasping for breath and can never get quite enough air. To love the feeling you get when your muscles ache so much you feel they’ll stop working altogether.

You have to love it. Because you know that only with pain will you get the results you’ve always dreamed of.

And only a smile will allow you to push your limits further than ever before and really, truly crush it.

Start looking forward to your workouts

Because when you dread your workouts, when you think about how terrible they’ll be and put off doing them until you have no other option, you ultimately end up doing them with less energy and less enthusiasm.

Dreading your workouts makes you half-ass them. And half-assed workouts will never equal amazing results.

So you might as well start looking forward to your workouts starting today.

Because its only when you truly start looking forward to your workouts that you really start to crush it.

The time to crush it is now

It’s your choice. You can drift through your workouts (and your life) aimlessly, or you can really, truly give them your all. But you have to start today. You have to start now.

“Some hit the wall. Some crush it.” – Unknown author

Which would you rather be?

That’s what I thought. Now go crush your workouts.

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