12 Minute Athlete December Accountability Challenge

Are you ready to finish the year crushing your workouts? We’ve got something awesome for you!

December is probably the busiest month of the year for most of us, so making time for working out is a little more difficult.

Last December, we did our No Excuses December Accountability Challenge to make sure we all keep moving throughout the entire month—no matter what.

Because you totally rocked the challenge last year, we wanted to bring it back this year.

And we’re super excited to be partnering with our favorite jump rope brand, Crossrope, for this year’s challenge! Read on below for the awesome prize they’re going to be giving one hard worker.

You can also get 10% off any individual Crossrope set with code KRISTAJUMP throughout the month of December!

December Accountability Challenge Details

When it comes to working out and nutrition, it’s not uncommon to get a little too relaxed when December rolls around… but too much of this can set your health and fitness goals back and make you feel like you’re starting all over again once January rolls around.

Instead, you’re way better off keeping your workout game strong during December so that when the New Year rolls around, you’re ahead of the game. That’s why we challenge you to complete 20 workouts this December. We’ll be there along the way to support you—we want to make this challenge as simple as possible for you, both time and equipment-wise, so you can do the workouts no matter what.

Here’s what you need to know about challenge:

  • The goal is to complete 20 workouts during the month of December, which means that on average, you’ll need do five workouts per week.
  • Complete at least three HIIT workouts a week—the other two workouts are up to you. Your other workouts can be any type of sports-specific training, yoga, fun activities.
  • Remember that there’s always the 12 Minute Athlete App and free workouts page if you need more workout ideas!
  • Follow along with our workout calendar so you’ll know exactly what workouts you’ll be doing for the entire month!

Everyone who completes the challenge has the chance to win the brand new Infinity Rope System by our favorite jump ropes ever, Crossrope!

For the chance to win, make sure to post about your workouts and progress throughout the month on social media and tag both @12minuteathlete and @crossropejumpropes. You can also follow along in our Facebook group and check in at least three times a week by posting a video, photo or comment about your workout.

Hard workers will get featured on the 12MA Instagram feed and stories, so make sure to tag us at #12minuteathlete!

Sign up for the challenge and get your workout calendar below:

We hope you’re as excited as we are about this challenge! We all need a little kick in the pants to get our workouts done in December, so let’s support and motivate each other along the way. You’ve got this!

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2 thoughts on “12 Minute Athlete December Accountability Challenge”

  1. I did the 100 burpees yesterday. I thought that was the 1st workout. I’ve been off the gym for about 8 mths with a knee injury, so this will be a perfect steady-as-she-goes re-introduction to exercise. I modified slightly to stepping when i felt my knee saying “too much” yesterday & it was great! I felt great afterwards. So i’m very much looking forward to embarking on this new journey to take me out of 2017 in a +ve way!! Yaaay!!


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