Fast As You Can AMRAP Challenge Workout

Workout equipment:

Workout type: AMRAP

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Do as many rounds in 12 minutes of the following:

10 Burpee pull ups
15 Sandbag squats
15 Push ups
30 Tuck jumps
15 Knee raises (using pull up bar or dip bar)


Leave your number of rounds in the comments below.

My rounds for today’s workout: 4 + 1 burpee pull up

Did you do this workout?

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2 thoughts on “Fast As You Can AMRAP Challenge Workout”

  1. I only completed 1 full round and made it to 21 tuck jumps in the 2nd round in 12 minutes, but finished 2 complete rounds…just took an extra couple minutes. I didn’t have access to a pull up bar so I did shoulder presses instead.

    This was after a 2 mile run so maybe I wouldn’t have done a little better if I did this first…kinda doubt it though…it was intense!!

    Thanks for the workout!


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