100 Ways to Get Moving Outdoors This Winter


Think winter means you have to be indoors all the time?

Think again.

I’ve put together this list of 100 outdoor activities that you can do all winter long to keep getting the benefits of getting outside.

Depending on where you live, some of these will be more feasible than others. But don’t let any inclement weather stop you.

Here are 100 ways you can keep active outside in the winter:

1. Go skiing.
2. Try a polar bear swim.
3. If you live somewhere rainy, jump around in mud puddles.
4. Learn to snowboard.
5. Gather some friends and go ice skating.
6. Cross country ski.
7. Go sledding.
8. Take a walk in the rain or snow.
9. Get a pair of shoe shoes and go exploring.
10. Work out outside.
11. Go stand up paddle boarding (just don’t fall in).
12. Fly a kite.
13. Have a snowball fight.
14. Lace up your sneakers and go for a run.
15. Travel somewhere warm and swim in the ocean.
16. Do some sprints in a nearby park.
17. Play tennis.
18. Go for a hike.
19. Practice your handstands in a grassy (or snowy) field.
20. Take your dog for a long walk.
21. Get a (warm) wetsuit and learn to surf.
22. Jump rope outside.
23. Find an outdoor pull up bar and practice your pull ups.
24. Play in the snow.
25. Play hockey outdoors.
26. Bundle up and ride your bike.
27. Go horseback riding.
28. Try helicopter skiing.
29. Take up skate skiing.
30. Rent a snowmobile.
31. Make a snow angel.
32. Go hang gliding.
33. Do walking lunges on an outdoor track.
34. Run stairs.
35. Throw the ball for your dog.
36. Do a ‘worst day of the year‘ bike ride.
37. Play tag.
38. Build a snow man.
39. If you live somewhere snowy, shovel your driveway.
40. Blow bubbles with your kids (in the winter, they turn into ice bubbles).
41. Go fishing.
42. Make ice sculptures.
43. Hold a winter olympics tournament in your backyard or a nearby park.
44. Build a snow fort.
45. Jump on a trampoline.
46. Prepare your garden for spring.
47. Take your kids (or your nieces and nephews) to the playground.
48. Take a nature walk.
49. Mountain climb.
50. Get adventurous and do some winter backpacking.
51. Gather some friends and throw a football.
52. Play capture the flag.
53. Walk on the beach.
54. Take your pooch to a dog park.
55. Train for a half marathon (or a full one, if you’re up to it)
56. Get a hot chocolate and go for a stroll around your town.
57. Play bocce ball.
58. Throw a frisbee with your kid or a friend.
59. Shoot some hoops at an outdoor court.
60. Play tetherball.
61. Dust off your old skateboard and learn some new moves.
62. Swing a kettlebell in your backyard.
63. Do a tabata workout outside.
64. Find an outdoor wall and do some wall balls.
65. Pretend you’re back in gym class and practice your grapevine skills.
66. Walk up hills.
67. Play horseshoes.
68. Climb a tree.
69. Get a hula hoop and take it outdoors.
70. Mountain bike.
71. Raise some money for a good cause by signing up for a walkathon.
72. Train for a Tough Muddler event.
73. Do jumping jacks in the rain or snow.
74. Go bar hopping (by foot).
75. Run up hills.
76. Play hopscotch.
77. Try ice fishing.
78. Play HORSE or PIG.
79. Kick around a soccer ball.
80. Play outdoor squash.
81. Shadow box outside.
82. Use a playground as your gym.
83. Do some burpees outside.
84. Practice your double jumps outside.
85. Join an ultimate frisbee team.
86. Branch out from snow men and make snow sculptures.
87. Make a snow cone and eat it outside.
88. Go bungee jumping.
89. Throw a baseball.
90. Practice your box jumps in your driveway.
91. Do cartwheels in the grass or snow.
92. Have a puddle splashing contest.
93. Walk around and take pictures outside.
94. Clean up your yard.
95. Wash your car.
96. Juggle in the park.
97. Do yoga on top of a hill, a beach, or on a rooftop.
98. Bundle up and have an outdoor picnic.
99. Get a group together for a game of handball.
100. Play outside.

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