Video Tutorial: Look Like a Badass and Build Power with Ninja Jumps

In today’s tutorial, we’re going to take a look at an exercise that’s awesome for building lower body power and explosiveness but that you’ll rarely ever see in the gym: ninja jumps.

First, let’s take a look at why ninja jumps are beneficial:

  • They build explosiveness and athleticism
  • They strengthen your lower body and core
  • They look pretty badass

Before trying them, please keep in mind that ninja jumps are a slightly advanced exercise, so if you have knee issues or previous injuries, please stay safe and don’t try them quite yet! You should feel comfortable doing other plyometric moves like squat jumps before giving these a shot.

Let’s look at how to get started:

Basic Ninja Jumps

  • Get on your knees on a cushioned surface like a mat, grass, or sand.
  • Brace your core, sit back slightly, then thrust your hips forward and jump your legs up so that the bottom of your feet are on ground and your body is in a deep squat position.
  • Stand up as you squeeze your butt.
  • Step back down to the kneeling position and repeat.

If you want to make the basic ninja jump more challenging, try them on sand or on a squishy surface!

Ninja Tuck Jumps

Perform a ninja jump, then jump up and immediately tuck your legs to your chest. Step back down to the kneeling position and repeat.

Ninja Squat Jumps

Perform a ninja jump then immediately jump up as high as you can. Step or jump down to the kneeling position and repeat.

Ninja Jumps onto a Higher Surface

Perform a ninja jump onto a slightly higher surface in front of you.

Get Creative!

The sky is the limit with these—as you get better and more explosive, you can try jumping onto higher and higher surfaces and combining them with other plyometrics moves.

Have fun with them but be safe and always do them on a softer surface that’s nice to your knees.

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