Mega Fat Burning HIIT Workout

Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 12 x :10 x :50

1. Step ups
2. Reptile push ups
3. Burpees
4. Side lunges

Bonus: 20 leg raises + 30 second L-sit hold


Leave your reps in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

Step ups (using sandbag): 19, 18, 18
Reptile push ups: 24, 24, 22
Burpees: 14, 15, 14
Side lunges: 34, 36, 34

Did you do this workout?

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5 thoughts on “Mega Fat Burning HIIT Workout”

  1. 28/20/20
    17/?/21 (sister started talking to me, lost count on middle round!)

    +20 leg raises (I did mine hanging on a pull up bar because I don’t have an equalizer…does that still work as well for that exercise?)

    I couldn’t do the L-sit because I don’t have those bar things 🙁

    I didn’t used to keep track of my reps…this was the first time I wrote it down! I really like doing it because it helps me push myself to do more reps or as many reps as last round! Thanks Krista…super sweaty, super awesome workout!

  2. Reps? I’m dying here lol. Nowhere near the good folk above I reckon. Upper body day yesterday and ground fighting course last night so perhaps wasn’t the best day to try it. Great workout and exactly what I’m looking for on time-constrained days. Great stuff!


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