From an Hour on a Treadmill to 12 Minutes a Day: Misty's Success Story


One of the questions I get asked most from readers is whether these short HIIT workouts are really enough to get in shape. 

Because until you try them for yourself and realize just how tough they really are, most people don’t believe that 12 (or 10-20ish) minutes a few times a week is all it takes to get fitter and stronger and in better shape than ever before.

Misty was skeptical at first, too. After recently having a baby (her second), Misty says she fell into a bit of a slump. Although she’d always been in good shape prior to her pregnancy, her recent family addition threw off her schedule, and it became more and more difficult to fit in her workouts. So after feeling like she needed a change, she gave the workouts a shot anyway—and I’m so happy to be able to say, got her time back.

No, Misty isn’t some huge weight loss success story. She’s always been pretty healthy and fit. But she no longer has to spend an hour on the treadmill plus a half an hour or more lifting weights—which, for any new parent, entrepreneur, or generally busy person, is incredibly awesome.

Even better, since doing the workouts, Misty says she’s gotten slimmer, trimmer and harder than ever before. Her husband even calls her the Queen of the Kettlebell!

I hope you’ll be as inspired by Misty as I am—she works hard, and it shows. She’s not intimidated by tough exercises, and her fitness level continues to improve because of it. And best of all, she does it in way less time than before, giving her more time for her family and all the other things she enjoys in life. 

Let’s hear how she did it.

Less time, more progress

Krista: You were pretty skeptical that you could get a good workout in such a short amount of time when you first started. What made you give them a shot anyway?

Misty: I tried your program because I was tried of spending all my down time working out and my body had hit a slump. I wasn’t seeing any changes. Down time, meaning when the baby was napping. Instead of cleaning house or doing laundry, I was spending most if not all of the baby’s nap time working out.

I was skeptical of your program because I thought 12 minutes wasn’t enough time to effectively workout. I had no idea that body weight exercises would be so effective along with the HIIT system. Here I am putting in an hour and a half a day, five days a week and your telling me it takes 12 minutes!! It was hard for me to believe.

I started noticing a difference in my body about two weeks into me doing 12 Minute Athlete. I could tell my body was changing for the better and was out of it’s slump.

Krista: What was your fitness routine before starting HIIT workouts?

MistyMisty: I was a gymnast growing up and have always been active and competitive in nature.

My husband of 13 years introduced me to the gym six years ago. Working out has been a constant part of my life every since. I was actually a weights girl. I lifted 5 days a week. I was in great shape when I found out I was pregnant. I was a high risk pregnancy therefore working out and lifting weights were out of the question while I was pregnant.

After having the baby and my doctor released me to workout, I had my husband move our treadmill from our barn gym to our garage.

My post baby pre-HIIT workout was this:

* A.M. nap for baby was cardio time for me. I would take the video monitor out with me and jump on the treadmill. It started out 30 minutes a day but after a year I was spending an hour on that horribly boring treadmill.

* P.M. nap for baby was time to break out the free weights and start my routine in the living room. I did as much as I could with my limited resources. As the weather warmed and the baby learned to sit on her own, I started going down to our fully equipped gym that we have in our barn. Some days I got my full workout in other days the baby would get unsettled and I would have to quit. I broke down my body parts to five different days as most fitness junkies do. It wasn’t easy-some days I felt defeated because I would be down at the gym for 10-15 minutes and the baby wouldn’t want any part of being there.

Handstand push ups, L-sits, and more

Krista: Have you noticed your fitness level changing at all since doing the workouts?

Misty: To be honest I’m not sure of the fitness level I am at since starting and doing 12 Minute Athlete. All I know is that I am fitter, stronger, leaner and firmer.

When I first started your program I thought doing a handstand push-up would be a piece of cake. Boy, was I ever wrong. The first time I tried and failed at hand stand push-ups, I knew I had found my next my goal. I don’t even really know how long it took me to actually do them. One day, I’m in the middle of a workout and my husband is just staring at me—I had just got done doing handstand push-ups. The only word that came out of his mouth was “Impressive!!” When people ask him about my strength it’s the first thing he brings up:

“You should see this girl do handstand push-ups.”

I’m working on L-sits right now. I would like to be able to one for 30 seconds. I’m over half way there now. With time and practice, I will get there.

I love Reptile push-ups. I’m not sure why but performing this exercise makes me feel strong.

Krista: How often do you work out these days?

Misty: I work out 6-7 days a week now. Do something great for your body everyday right? It may not be a full workout on the weekends, I may just grab my kettlebell and do 100 kettlebell swings. I may do a challenge workout. I just feel better knowing I did something good for my body.

Krista: What’s your typical diet like these days?

Misty: I mainly live an 80/20 healthy eating lifestyle, with that being said I also don’t believe in denying yourself of things. You only have one life, this isn’t a practice round, so if I want to have ice cream with my girls, I will.

I don’t get down on myself if I have an off day and eat junk as I call it. I just get up the next day and refocus. I have always eaten pretty healthy but over the years slowly I seemed to clean it up more and more. You learn things as you go when you make a lifestyle change and that includes the way and what you cook.

Slow and steady wins the race

Krista: Is there anything else you want to share with readers? Encouragement? Advice for other parents or people with barely any time to work out?

Misty: Yes! Here are some of my eating rules:

1. Condiments are bad.
2. Don’t eat cheese unless you can taste it. This means I don’t eat it on my salads or wraps.
3. Dinner: grilled protein and 2 or 3 different veggies.
4. Treat yourself. People who first get into eating healthy and working out often don’t last because they feel like they are missing out. Missing out on pizza with friends or ice cream with the kids. You can give yourself that, just don’t stop working out and don’t stop the healthy eating because you just had pizza.

There is no healthy quick fix to being healthy and fit. Slow and steady wins the race so don’t give up!!

I have access to a complete home gym that I never touch because I am absolutely in love with the 12 Minute Athlete program. I do my workouts in the living room while my 15 month old naps. If your looking for a program that is effective and that will give time back to you—this is the workout program for you.

Don’t get discouraged. Krista designed these workouts to make you sweat. Just do your best each time. Don’t be afraid to get creative and make up your own workout; open your app, pick out your six exercises, write them down so you don’t forget what your suppose to be doing and start your timer. The beauty of this program is that it flexible and never boring, so come on and become an athlete.

Thank you so much Misty, you seriously rock!

Do you have a success story you’d be up for sharing with the 12 Minute Athlete community? We’d love to hear from you! Send me an email at [email protected] and we’ll talk.

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5 thoughts on “From an Hour on a Treadmill to 12 Minutes a Day: Misty's Success Story”

  1. That is so awesome, Misty! You look great. I,too, am amazed at how effective these workouts are – my body is in such awesome shape ever since I started this and I have seen results way more quickly than with any other type of fitness regiment. Rock on ! 🙂

  2. This a a great story. What I love about this is that the 12 minute athlete people seem so balanced. Truly wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Are the workouts you have been doing 6-7 days a week really, really only 12 minutes? Nothing else? I’m so scared to let go of the long regimine but it seems like I’d be less exhausted all the time if I did. With Cross fit for example: I feel like I’m getting a great workout but I am always sore and tired. It doesn’t seem sustainable for me long term. In addition I’m not really getting the shape I would like.

  4. You’re absolutely amazing! I recently quit gymnastics and have been spending 2 hours in the gym to maintain my physique (and failing). I’ve tried crash diets and have had a few run ins with eating disorders throughout my life and I love that you were able to find balance 🙂

    I am just starting my journey to a balanced lifestyle and it is wonderful to have a role model like you.


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