My First Push Up (And Finding the Will to Do Anything You Put Your Mind to)


I still remember that day. The day I did my first real push up. Actually, the day I did my first three real push ups, to be exact.

I was visiting my parents, so I must have still been in college. And though I’ve always acted strong and tough… In reality, I had a pretty weak upper body my entire youth.

How weak?

I didn’t get an excellent on my Presidential Physical Fitness Test in grade school because I couldn’t do a single pull up (my good friend and athletic arch rival Renee did two).

I definitely couldn’t do a push up.

And until about three years ago, my brother called me “spaghetti arms.”

Now, to be fair, I have a build somewhat like my Dad’s—we’re both tall and lanky, with long, stringy arms.

We’ve both always had a hard time getting long sleeved shirts that would cover our entire arms. In fact, my arms are so long my high school basketball coach asked me if they ever drug on the floor (I was not amused at the time).

Logically, it makes sense that people with long arms would have more trouble doing bodyweight exercises like push ups and pull ups (my Dad has always had trouble too)—we simply have further to go.

Still, I always wanted to be strong, never wanting to be a girly girl incapable of doing anything on my own. So you can imagine my elation at those first three push ups.

I was thrilled.

Looking back, those push ups were probably the start of my fitness obsession. They were the catalyst that turned me from a skinny fat weakling to the strong, fit person I am today.

Those push ups showed me I could do anything. Something I’d previously thought was impossible… I conquered it. And I never felt so empowered.

That’s what fitness can do for you. What it will do for you.

When you do that first push up, your first pull up, your first 12 minutes of the hardest, craziest exercise you’ve ever done and you survive….

Well, then you’ll finally realize you can do anything you put your mind to.

The world is your oyster. Go get it.

And start with a push up or two.

Still working up to your first push up? Check out this video for proper techniques and easier variations.

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9 thoughts on “My First Push Up (And Finding the Will to Do Anything You Put Your Mind to)”

  1. did the first set of 12 minute exercises yesterday, Reptile push ups my killer…:(
    Have a plate & 11 screws holding my left humerus together but determined to get the strength back so here goes

  2. I can do some push ups maybe 5 or 6.after that my arms sore.thats the most i done.i have a bit of weight i need to lose.but the older you get.the harder it is to lose.


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