New Year's Detox AMRAP Workout (+ January's 100 Burpee Challenge!)

new year's amrap workout

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe it’s 2015 already. That sounds like some major future stuff. I thought we’d all be driving flying cars by now and taking trips to the moon for vacation.


I hope you all had a fun or relaxing New Year’s Eve, whatever your style is. One of the very best ways to set a good precedent for the upcoming year is to get started right away—which is why I’d like to encourage you guys to get moving with today’s workout.

Because even if you did go a little too hard last night, this workout might be the best thing you can do to start feeling more human again. I’m not the only person who thinks that sweating it out with a cardio-heavy workout helps a hangover go away.

Also, just a heads up, this year’s first 100 burpee challenge is this weekend! I know, I know, brutal to have it right after the holidays, but no excuses. You owe it to yourself to start the year off right!

You’ll find this month’s 100 burpee challenge rules at the end of this post.

Work hard, and have a very, very happy New Year!

Here’s your New Year’s Detox AMRAP Workout:

Workout equipment:

Workout type: AMRAP

Timer setting: Countdown

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes:

5 Burpees
40 High knees
5 Burpee tuck jumps
40 Mountain climbers
5 Handstand push ups (or Pike push ups )
5 Burpee lateral jumps
5 V ups

My rounds for today’s workout: 4 + 5 burpee lateral jumps

January 100 burpee challenge rules

Step #1: Do the 100 burpee challenge. You have by the end of the weekend (January 4th) to complete the challenge.

Step #2: Immediately after you do the challenge, snap a photo (a video works too) of yourself post-challenge. Post it to either Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook along with your current time AND the amount you’ve improved from last month (make sure to tag #12minuteathlete). You can also email your photo to me at [email protected] (use the subject ‘100 burpee challenge photo’ so I can actually find your photos).

Step #3: I’ll look over all the photos and times and send a shirt of your choice to you (or whoever you want)!

Work hard! I believe in you.

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4 thoughts on “New Year's Detox AMRAP Workout (+ January's 100 Burpee Challenge!)”

  1. Great workout! Thanks for posting! I finished with 6 total rounds + 39 reps (5 burpees + 34 high knees), subbing pike push ups for HSPUs ( I don’t have any wall space :)). I do have a question- how did you get your score of 4 rounds + 5 burpee lateral jumps? I’ve always scored AMRAPS as number of total rounds + number of completed exercises, but burpee lateral jumps are toward the end of the workout. Have I been scoring my workouts incorrectly? Thanks!

  2. Phew! Managed 4 rounds & then up to the push ups on round 5. This was substituting handstand push ups for pike push ups because I just don’t have the strength yet. One day!


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