New Year's Hangover Workout

new year's workout

Happy New Year!

If you missed it, check out Thursday’s post on how to actually keep your New Year’s resolutions to get in shape. It’s not easy to do… but it’s possible.

And even if you had a few too many glasses (or bottles) of champagne last night, I want you to start your new habit today.

Because you know what the very best way to cure a hangover is?

To sweat it out.

Get your body moving, and all those lovely alcohol toxins you consumed the night before will just drip their way out of your body.

Also, drink water—lots and lots of water—and an electrolyte-filled drink like coconut water, Emergen-C or a sports drink to replenish your body.

Work hard, and you’ll feel better, I promise. Then you can go lay on the couch and watch football all day… if that’s your thing.

No excuses

I’ve designed today’s workout so if you wake up on a random couch away from home, you can still do the workout—because you need absolutely zero equipment!

Just grab yourself a timer, or heck, just look at the clock—then give this workout your all.

The faster you do it, the faster it’ll be over with.

Now go get sweaty!

Here’s your workout:



Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge
Time: ?

Complete three rounds as fast as possible:

10 Burpees
10 Push ups
10 Sit ups
10 Air squats
10 Handstand push ups
10 Pistols / leg
10 V ups
10 Tuck jumps
10 Walking lunges
10 Squat jumps


Happy New Year!

Did you do this workout?

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5 thoughts on “New Year's Hangover Workout”

  1. Hi,
    I am a 52 yr old male Police Officer. Of course due to my chosen profession I need to keep myself in good shape especially now that I am fighting with people half my age or less. Losing is not an option when your life depends on it. I have worked out my entire life, heavy weights, long distance running, Crossfit, etc etc. Thanks to years of of this I began to burn myself out. In the gym for sometimes an hour plus, at an all out pace for 5-6 days a week is just not sustainable. So after accidentally coming across your site, I decided to give it a go. After a month of following your workouts 5 days per week, I have never felt better. My fitness level is still the same, but my aches and pains have nearly vanished, and I have also somehow managed to lose 5lbs! The weight loss is simple to explain, at least this is what I noticed. Working out like a madman for an hour plus a day actually increased my food consumption. I always found myself to be hungry and was always raiding the fridge at all hours of the day and night. Since switching to your program, my appetite has decreased considerably. Anyway, thanks and just a suggestion, have you ever considered making an “app” for your program? I have gone thru many fitness apps and believe me NOTHING even comes close to this. Thanks!


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