No Equipment Do It Anywhere HIIT Workout

Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30

1. Jump lunge squat combo
2. Push up plank jumps
3. Speed skater lunges
4. Tuck jumps
5. Mountain climber crosses
6. Candlestick leg lifts

Bonus: 3x Pistols till failure (the hardest version you can do!)


Leave your reps in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

Jump lunge squat combo (11, 10, 10)
Push up plank jumps (15, 14, 14)
Speed skater lunges (32, 32, 31)
Tuck jumps (54, 52, 53)
Mountain climber crosses (76, 76, 75)
Candlestick leg lifts (22, 21, 21)

Did you do this workout?

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4 thoughts on “No Equipment Do It Anywhere HIIT Workout”

    • Hey Janine!

      Thanks for your question.
      Do exercise #1 (Jump lunge squat combo) for 30 seconds, then rest 10 seconds, then do exercise #2 (Push up plank jumps) for 30 seconds, then rest 10 seconds and so on. Rotate through all six exercises for three rounds and you finish with 12 minutes. Hope this helps!


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