How to Partner Up for Workout Success

How to partner up for workout success

One of the things best things about HIIT workouts is that you don’t need much (if any!) equipment or space to do them.

In fact, HIIT workouts can be done outside, in a small apartment, a hotel room…pretty much anywhere you can fit your body!

And while bodyweight-centered HIIT workouts are one of the most efficient ways of getting a workout done fast, we all know that plateaus happen and sometimes we just want to shake up the regular routine.

A great way to do that is looking to a friend, family member, or partner to join in on your workout!

Why You Should Grab a Partner for Your Next Workout

There are so many great benefits to partner workouts.

When you collaborate with another person, it’s easier to be motivated to get out there and MOVE. That’s because you’re not just getting up for your own accord – you have an accountability partner to keep you on track.

There are also loads of exercises that are fun, dynamic, and CHALLENGING that require a partner. Medicine ball throws, plank ball passes, and medicine ball sit ups are tough as they are…but when you combine those moves with a partner dynamic, you can add a second, complementary exercise that really kicks up your workout!

Here’s a Fun Partner Workout To Try

Here’s an example of a partner workout you can try:

Workout type: Challenge
Equipment needed: Medicine ball

Complete three rounds, resting as little as possible in between reps and sets.

  • 10 squat throws each back and forth
  • 10 ball transfer push ups each
  • 5 forward lunge w/ chest pass / leg
  • 5 medicine ball slams into plank
  • 5 squats w/ rotational toss / side
  • 10 plank rolls back and forth
  • 10 sit up + throws

Opt for a Fun Activity Instead

Sometimes a partner workout doesn’t need to be a true “workout” after all.

Teaming up with a partner to find a nice hike, take surfing lessons, or even go to a fun boxing/gymnastics/martial arts class is an awesome way to mix up your workouts.

Get out of your comfort zone, challenge your body, and learn something new while having a support system through the process!

Is Working Out With a Partner Better?

Do you need to include a partner in your workout plan to get healthy and fit?

Of course not. You ultimately are at the helm of your fitness success.

But having a partner to keep you in a beginner’s mindset, to keep you motivated, and to keep you pushing your body is a great way to start building health and fitness into your lifestyle.

Many people also just find it more fun to have a friend come along and the extra accountability can help you stay more consistent with your training overall.

Shameless plug: That’s one of the reasons I love the 12 Minute Athlete Facebook group.

Even if the 12 Minute Athlete participants are all over the globe, connecting over fitness is such a great way to stay motivated and excited about working out! I love when I see members of the group ask and answer questions, post their workout successes, and support one another through the highs and lows of working out.

We’re all here because we value being healthy and fit – so why go through the process alone, when you have a whole community of people who understand what you’re going through and can cheer you on?

Join the Facebook group here!

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