September Plyometrics Challenge – Week 1: Equipment-Free Plyometric Exercises

Plyometrics Challenge

Today is the first week of the 12 Minute Athlete September Plyometrics Challenge! 

If you missed the post where we shared the details about this challenge, as well as why we all should be working on building power and explosiveness, check out this post.

Here are the exercises for Week 1. Make sure to follow along on Instagram or the Facebook group for the videos.

Plyometrics Challenge Week 1 Exercises

Perform three rounds:

  • 10 Long jumps
  • 20 Squat jumps
  • 25 Tuck jumps
  • 30 Jump lunges
  • 10 Squat tuck jump combos

Here’s how to do the exercises:

Long Jumps

Stand with your feet about hip-width apart. Bend your knees, then jump explosively as far forward as you can. Land in a full or parallel squat. Repeat, trying to go as far as possible.

Squat Jumps

Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart in a parallel squat. Jump up as explosively as you can, then land in a squat again. Immediately jump back up again, without pausing.

Tuck Jumps

Stand with your feet hip-width apart, then jump up as high as you can, tucking your knees into your chest as you do so. Land and repeat as fast as you can, trying not to pause in between the jumps.

Jump Lunges

Start in a lunge position with your rear knee touching or almost touching the floor. Jump up explosively and switch legs so that your rear leg is in the front and front leg is in the rear. Repeat on the other side.

Squat Tuck Jump Combos

Stand with your legs hip-width apart and your toes pointed slightly outward. Squat down as low as you can, then explode upwards as you bring your knees towards your chest. Land back in a squat position and repeat immediately.

Remember to post your workout videos or photos to our Facebook group and tag #12MAplyometrics and @12minuteathlete on social media.

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1 thought on “September Plyometrics Challenge – Week 1: Equipment-Free Plyometric Exercises”

  1. Been a subscriber to 12 minute athlete for a few months but until today I’d never tried a workout when I decided to attempt the September challenge. Was about half way through round one when I realised I was struggling with my form. Completed the workout in 14 minutes 29 seconds but the majority was with a modified form, aiming for 3/4 challenges a week and happy to take longer so long as my form remains true. Thanks for the challenge, keep up the great work.


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