Stop Your All-Or-Nothing Thinking and Aim for Pretty Good, Most of the Time

Krista Stryker

Like many of my fellow humans, I struggle with all-or-nothing thinking.

This has been a constant theme of my life. I either want to be the best, or I don’t even want to try. I want to give my full-on effort in a workout, or not work out at all. I want to have my perfectly planned day, and when that doesn’t happen, I’ll consider the entire day a loss.

Although it doesn’t always come naturally to me, I know that striving for balance is a better path than falling victim to inflexible thinking.

That aiming for long-term consistency instead of perfection leads to more progress than starting and stopping all of the time.

So I try my best to seek balance. To not be so hard on myself and accept, rather than fight, the world around me.

Of course, this isn’t easy in the all-or-nothing culture we live in.

We often compare ourselves to others who claim to be perfect (but of course, no one is actually perfect outside of social media).

We aim to eat perfectly healthy, get eight hours of sleep, and go to the gym for a full hour. And when none of that happens, we think all is lost.

So we resort to binging on junk food, staying up all night, and skipping our workout altogether instead of trying to get something, anything in.

For most of us, perfection is a trap. A better approach is to aim to be pretty good, most of the time.

This may be tough at first. It requires the maturity to understand that most of life is outside of our control. To understand that something is always better than nothing.

That sometimes, “good enough” is the path to long-term success.

Keep going.

– Krista

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  1. Seems like a really interesting theme of life.. It’s really true..Feeling ‘pretty good’ is probably thinking of always the extremities.. Great inspiration from your post.. Thanks.


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