Strong for Summer 5 Day Challenge

The temperatures are getting a little less chilly and the sun is showing its face just a little bit more, which means one thing: summer is almost here.

So I thought it would be fun to start getting ready for summer with another Get Strong for Summer 5-Day Workout Challenge.

Because while we all want to look good on the beach, it’s so much more important to both look and feel good – and pushing your personal limits and building strength is the best way to do that.

It’s going to be awesome!

So here’s what you need to know:

The strong for Summer 5 Day Workout Challenge officially starts next Monday, May 7th.

Each day, we’ll be busting out a new HIIT workout that will push you and challenge your athletic abilities. Each workout should take you no more than 12-20 minutes to complete, so time should never be an issue.

To keep things simple, the only piece of equipment we’ll be using for the challenge is a plyo box or any sort of sturdy bench, stairs, or elevated surface. You’ll be amazed at how much you can do with just your own body!

One hard worker will win access to our brand new upcoming program, Fitter Faster Stronger 2.0. This includes 90 days of workouts, skill and explosive power practice, and bi-weekly group coaching. If you’ve ever wanted to absolutely crush your fitness goals, now is the time!

And remember, this challenge is all about pushing your personal limits and bringing out your inner athlete, no matter what your current fitness level is. So don’t think you have to already be in really good shape to take part. Just work as hard as you can, and remember to have fun!

We’ll be posting the videos for the workouts on Instagram and in our Facebook group each day (or you can also follow along in the app as a Super Athlete subscriber), so make sure to check in daily to take part!

Make sure to tag @12minuteathlete and #strongforsummer to be entered to win.

Work hard, and have fun!

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    • Slavin, I hope that I am not being too forward, but I would recommend a book called Convict Conditioning by Paul Wade which has a progressive program of calisthenics and theory that is designed for any age/level and is supposed to help develop your joints along with your muscles. When I switched from weights to this progressive approach, much of my shoulder pain went away (though I have gone back to weights this year – along with body weight workouts – I feel that my joints have gotten stronger to support it now)

      Light and love,

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