Get Ready for Summer With This No-Equipment AMRAP Workout

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Depending on where in the world you live, it’s pretty likely that the snow is melting, the flowers are blooming, and the department stores are fully stocked with clothes not quite warm enough to fit the current outside temperature—all signs that summer is finally almost here.

And you know what that means: summer barbecues, long, lazy days, and best of all, days on the beach (or if you don’t have a beach nearby, a river or a pool).

Yes, bathing suit season is almost upon us.

And while I certainly don’t believe that looks are everything, it’s nice not to feel completely embarrassed when walking around in public half naked. In fact, it’s a pretty amazing feeling to actually feel confident (or at least, almost confident) in a bathing suit.

And the only way to get there? By working hard now.

That’s why today I’ve put together a special summer-ready AMRAP workout that you can do to get your body in tip-top shape before you show it off on the beach all summer long.

Summer-ready AMRAP workout

For those of you who have never heard of an AMRAP workout, it stands for ‘As Many Rounds as Possible’ and it’s pretty straightforward—just go through the sequence of exercises in the order listed below as fast as humanly possible in the allotted amount of time.

Got it?

Good. Here’s your workout:


Workout equipment:

Workout type: AMRAP

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Complete as many rounds in 12 minutes of:

100 High knees
25 Air squats
20 Push ups
15 Sit ups
10 Burpees

Have fun with it! And don’t forget to post your number of rounds in the comments below.

Did you do this workout?

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8 thoughts on “Get Ready for Summer With This No-Equipment AMRAP Workout”

  1. sweating here… 3 rounds + 117 (100 hk and 17 air sq.) not by finest job today, but i did it! and with a full rice bowl from Vancouver’s Finest, the Mighty Bowl, in my belly.

    great workout. will do it again soon. thx krista!


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