The 12 Minute Athlete Holiday Recipe Cookbook is Here!

12 Minute Athlete Holiday Recipe Cookbook

There’s no question about it, it’s tough to eat 100% healthy over the holidays.

There are just so many delicious sweet and savory foods that seem to only make an appearance this time of year. And while I would never suggest you avoid all of your favorite holiday foods, if you go too overboard for the next month you may find you’ve set yourself back further than you wanted come January 1st.

That’s why (as someone with an admittedly huge sweet tooth) one of the things I love to do this time of year is to make healthier versions of holiday indulgences—and this year, I’m bringing my very favorites to you in the first ever 12 Minute Athlete Holiday Recipe Cookbook.

Holiday Recipe Cookbook by 12 Minute Athlete
Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • 45+ pages of exclusive, never before seen healthy, protein-packed, delicious recipes
  • My favorite recipes ever for protein and energy bars, healthy chocolate truffles, bread, muffins, and other sweet tooth-satisfying treats
  • Macros included to fit your goals
  • Easy-to-follow vegan and gluten-free options
  • Beautiful photos and detailed instructions for every recipe

Click the thumbnail to the right to see an expanded table of contents and view the recipes included in the book.



And check out the short video below to see a preview of some of the recipes included (warning: it will make you hungry):


PS. The 12 Minute Athlete Holiday Recipe Cookbook will be available for this month only, so make sure to get a copy now for you or your loved ones.

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