The Perfect No Excuses Summer Vacation Workout

summer HIIT workout

I hope you have something awesome and active planned for your summer vacation—whether it’s camping, hiking, a beach trip, or something else equally as adventurous.

If not, I’d highly recommend planning something, no matter how short, to mix things up a bit and to fully embrace all of life’s experiences. Take advantage of this nice weather while it’s still around!

Whatever it is you have planned for the rest of the summer, it’s no secret that vacations and traveling are one of the main excuses most people have for failing to keep a consistent workout schedule. You simply get out of the habit while not on your normal everyday schedule, and have trouble picking back up where you left off once you get back into the swing of things.

And if you’re like the majority people, even if you do want to work out on vacation, you probably don’t know what to actually do to stay in shape, since you most likely won’t have access to a gym or any workout equipment while you’re away.

I’ve been there—I never used to know how to work out while traveling. But over time, I learned how to embrace HIIT and bodyweight training so that I can work out absolutely anywhere, no matter how much space or equipment I have available to me. And my goal is to help you do the same.

That’s why I’ve put together this summer vacation workout for you in today’s post. It requires absolutely zero equipment and very little space—so you have no excuses not to do it!

Here’s your no excuses workout:



Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Repeat 3x:

20 Burpees
20 Reptile push ups
20 Walking lunges
20 Squat jumps
20 V ups


Leave your time in the comments below.

My time for today’s workout: 13:38

Did you do this workout?

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5 thoughts on “The Perfect No Excuses Summer Vacation Workout”

  1. How did you do this so fast?! It took a whopping 29 minutes to finish! I couldn’t even do the burpee with a push up after the first round.


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