Work Harder 12-Minute Kettlebell Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30

1. Kettlebell swings
2. Reverse push ups
3. Ninja jumps
4. Air squats
5. Burpees
6. Knee raises

Bonus: 50 Kettlebell high pull


Leave your reps in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

Kettlebell swings (19, 18, 18)
Reverse push ups (15, 15, 14)
Ninja jumps (13, 12, 12)
Air squats (25, 24, 24)
Burpees (9, 9, 9)
Knee raises (17, 16, 16)

Did you do this workout?

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5 thoughts on “Work Harder 12-Minute Kettlebell Workout”

  1. Krista, I am recovering from cancer surgery with complications and want to take it slow but still make some steady progress. I had my left kidney removed on December 21, 2016, leaving me with a 20 inch incision (it took 43 staples to close me up) that is still very sore. But my doctor has cleared me to start exercising slowly. He mentioned the words “baby steps” several times.

    I’m honestly as weak as I’ve ever been in my life and don’t know where to start. My leg strength is especially bad, to the point that I have to use my hands to help me get out of a chair. In the past, I have done a lot of kettle bell swings, goblet squats and get ups, and am a big fan of kettle bells in general.

    Also, I have never been able to do lunges on my left leg because of an old knee injury.

    What would you recommend as a good “baby step” program.

    • Hey Charles,
      We’re sorry you’ve been through all that but it’s great that you’re staying positive and want to start exercising again! Your situation is very specific so we don’t really have the knowledge to give you advice. Walking is probably the best place to start, and take it very easy at first. Definitely talk to a physical therapist about your workout options.

  2. Hi Charles,

    I too am recovering from major abdominal surgery 12 Dec 16, and had plenty healing to do. And it seems we had alot in common in the past as I love kettle bells, lifting and any hard core HIIT workout.

    I’m starting slowly with 30 minutes of mat pilates daily to be sure I’m correctly engaging my entire (including back, shoulders, glutes) core and to strengthen these areas before all others. I am coupling this with a good 30 minute walk at a pace I can maintain. This will continue for the rest of this week. Depending on how I’m feeling I may need to repeat this work out for a week.

    Next I will take the intensity of the mat pilates up a notch to 45 minutes and start including some arm and leg work, on top of the basics. I will maintain the 30 minutes of walking daily and will probably add some work in the pool. I will continue this every day for a week.

    After two weeks, I’d like to go back to lifting some basic reps for biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest and start on my leg strength on a machine at the gym. Low weight all the way around. Continue pilates daily upping the intensity, and swimming or walking.

    Finally I hope to add some dynamic work into my routine around week four or five. HIIT work, cardio such as spin, and all the other great things I enjoy.

    If you don’t have good pilates knowledge and basics, any good physio will be able to assist you and set you up as well as guide you through your first 6-8 weeks of working out to help you rebuild a foundation.

    Keep your chin up during recovery! These things take time and you you only get one chance to heal ‘right’.


    • Thank you Caro, that is a lot of good advice. I think the focus on core muscles is brilliant. I don’t know a thing about Pilates , but I have started lying on my back to do pelvic tilts to engage the core. The walking is great advice too, but I have found myself procrastinating on that.

      I have done a few very gentle squats (I can get down to about 3/4 when I squat so far).

      It looks like the best advice for both of us is to take those baby steps, but to take at least some steps every day.

      Thank you for reaching out.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience Caroline! Your program sounds great. Hope everything goes as planned!


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