4-Minute Rainy Day Tabata Workout

rainy day tabata workout

I don’t know where you guys are based in the world, but where I am in the San Francisco it’s been raining constantly for days. And for someone who moved here particularly for the sun, I am going a little bit crazy.

So that’s why I wanted to create this 4-Minute Rainy Day Tabata Workout to show you guys that you can still workout even if it’s pouring rain outside, if there’s a crazy snowstorm, or if you can’t get to a gym.

Because as long as you work hard, you can get in a good workout in an incredibly short amount of time, whether it’s 12 minutes, 10 minutes, or even just 4 minutes. You don’t even need any equipment—all you really need is your own body and you’re good to go.

And sure, I do like to use equipment sometimes because I get bored and like to mix it up, but I also do a lot of bodyweight-only workouts. So don’t think that behind your back I am lifting crazy heavy weights. I do exactly what you see here.

I do bodyweight stuff, I use pull up bars, dip bars, a box to jump on, and sometimes kettlebells. I use rings and punching bags at times because I think they’re fun and make me feel a little bit like a badass. But really, you don’t need any of that stuff to get in good shape—all you need is an interval timer and you are good to go.

So give this workout a shot—it’s perfect if you have zero time to do a workout or if you are just feeling antsy like I am and need to get a little energy out. No excuses!

Here’s your rainy day 4-minute tabata workout:


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Tabata

Timer setting: 8 x :10 x :20

1. Burpees
2. High knees
3. Burpee tuck jumps
4. Mountain climbers

Watch the full workout video:



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4 thoughts on “4-Minute Rainy Day Tabata Workout”

  1. Phew! Sunny day here in the Caribbean but much easier to do this inside with the ac on than out in the garden!

    Did it alongside the video & managed to keep up rep for rep! Amazing what you can do in 4 minutes!


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