Beast Mode Kettlebell HIIT Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: 12 minute

Timer setting: 18 x :10 x :30

1. Kettlebell swings
2. Air squats
3. Double unders
4. Push ups
5. Kettlebell high pull
6. Mountain climbers

Watch the full workout video here:


Leave your reps in the comments below.

My reps for today’s workout:

Kettlebell swings: 16, 17, 16
Air squats: 24, 22, 21
Double unders: 50, 44, 41
Push ups: 14, 12, 13
Kettlebell high pull: 18, 17, 17
Mountain climbers: 72, 73, 74

Did you do this workout?

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7 thoughts on “Beast Mode Kettlebell HIIT Workout”

  1. 19/18/18,19/22/21,high knees,20/20/21,16/15/15,67/70/73
    Am giving my achilles tendon a rest,so no jumping for a little while for me. If you have any fab ideas for exercises I could substitute for jump rope routines,that would be helpful. 🙂

    • Sorry you’re injured, Christina! Hope it heals fast. Have you been foam rolling at all?

      As for substitutions, there’s never going to be a direct jump roping substitution but you can always just focus on legs – do walking lunges, back lunges w/ overhead press, bulgarian split squats, air squats, etc. That’ll help you still get a good workout without aggravating your injury.

      • Hey there, yeah I have been foam rolling,but only once or twice a week – should probably do it daily. It is silly,really,more of a realization that I have been waking up with an ouchy achilles tendon for a long time and then found some bumps on it where it must not have had time to heal properly. Kind of embarrassing to be so out of touch with my body :/ It seems to be mending just fine,though,so I should be back to jumping soon 🙂

  2. KB swings: 18 / 17 / 16
    Air squats: 26 / 25 / 26
    Single-unders: 87 / 90 / 84
    Push-ups: 20 / 22 / 21
    KB high-pull: 18 / 18 / 18
    Mtn. climbers: 110 / 109 / 92

    30# KB

    Still working on double-unders. No where near good enough to do in a workout, but they are definitely improving!

  3. Late but still great workout
    KB swings: 12kg 17; 16 kg 15, 15
    Air squats: 22/22/23
    single unders: 42 (slapped by rope – ouch), 50, 60
    KB pulls: 16kg 12/15/13
    mountain climbers: 70/80/80
    +Step ups: 16/15/18


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