Advanced Tutorial: Handstand Wall Walks

Today I want to take a quick look at one of my favorite shoulder strengthening exercises, handstand wall walks.

This is a pretty advanced exercise, so don’t worry, we’ll also look at a couple of modifications to help you build up the strength to do them.

Watch the short video below to see handstand wall walks in action or read the tutorial instructions below:

Handstand Wall Walks

Walk up the wall with your chest facing the wall. Push up through your shoulders, make sure your core is tight, then lift one hand and lower it down again to one side as you move your body towards it. Continue walking sideways against the wall, then switch to go the other direction.

Return to your starting position by walking back down the wall and rest for a second if you need it before walking back up. Try to work up to five rounds of these!

Beginner Modifications

These beginner modifications will help you build up to doing handstand wall walks:

Plank shoulder touches

Plank shoulder touches will start strengthening your shoulders and core muscles so help prepare you for handstands.

Get in a plank position with your shoulders over your hands and keep your core tight. Raise one arm up and touch your opposite shoulder, then repeat on the other side.

Handstand wall hold

Getting used to being upside down in a handstand and building up endurance in that position is the next step to work up to handstand wall walks.

Walk up the wall with your chest facing the wall, bringing your hands as close to the wall as you can. Push up through your shoulders, tighten your core, then hold this position.

When you’re feeling more comfortable, you can start to lift one hand at a time just a little to build additional strength and to get you feeling more ok with the idea of being on one arm.

Work hard!

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  1. Very cool Krista. Thanks for sharing! Is it necessary to be able to handstand without the support of the wall to do this? I know that the exercise doesn’t require it but I’m just wondering if it’s easier then. Thanks.


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