100 Burpee Challenge Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Complete 100 burpees as fast as possible.

Join us for the monthly 100 burpee challenge! Read all about the challenge here.

And make sure to post your times below!


My time for today’s workout: 6:07! 

Did you do this workout?

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27 thoughts on “100 Burpee Challenge Workout”

  1. 9:42! Huge improvement in September’s time as I only managed 50 in 5:28 (this month I got to 50 in 4:46!)

    Still a long way to go but really pleased

  2. It has been four months since I last completed a burpee challenge.
    I have been struggling with health issues and I have been forced to make some changes to my lifestyle.
    I am proud to say that I was able to complete the burpee challenge in 8:54! (not as fast as my June time of 7:26, but I am thrilled that I was able to do the full 100 after having changed so many things in my life)
    Thanks, as always, for the inspiration and encouragement.
    You and your blog are like therapy for a healing athlete 😉

  3. 8:45! So excited to keep getting better.

    Here’s my history, just because it keeps me motivated:
    July – 19:01
    August – 12:40
    September – 10:30
    October – 8:45

    An interesting discovery I made this month: I was really tensing my arms/shoulders when I would put my hands to the floor. The repeated impact really wore me out pretty quickly. When I realized this and relaxed my shoulders/arms and did that part more softly, this got much easier. Not sure if anyone else had that problem, but if you’re feeling it in your shoulders the next day, you may want to try it!

  4. Sept: 6:57
    Oct: 5:50

    Started out too fast my first time in sept. Paced a little better this month and didn’t have to take that long of an initial rest

  5. Finally tried it at a beautiful campsite while the kiddos were still sleeping. felt like a badass once they woke up.
    11:38: I did the first 50 as push-up burpees then 10 tucks, 10 regular, 10 1 leg, 10 regular and 10 one leg…just to keep it interesting.

  6. 5:54 today, my goal was 6 minutes. I dropped from 8:15 in mid August and 7:15 in November. So glad I came across the 100 day burpee challenge.

  7. Oh my goodness. Just stumbled on this site and tried the 100 burpee challenge. I THOUGHT i was in decent shape!!! First attempt 12:29!!!! UNACCEPTABLE!!!!9

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