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If you’re new here, you might not know yet how much I love burpees—but you’re about to find out.burpees

Each month on the first Friday of the month, we do a 100 Burpee Challenge where everyone does 100 burpees as fast as they can and records their time on the day’s post. It’s an awesome way to gauge your current fitness level and see how much you improve over time.

And if you want to jumpstart your fitness journey, I highly recommend taking the 100 Burpee Challenge today. That way you’ll know exactly where your current fitness level is at, and once the next monthly challenge comes around, you can join us with more confidence!

Doing 100 burpees in a row is an awesome way to gauge your fitness level, so I’d really encourage you to do the monthly challenges with us and keep track of your times and how you felt during each one. I’d love to get you guys posting your times in the comments every month so we can all motivate each other to push as hard as we can (yes, I do it too!).

Benchmarks for success

If you even attempt the 100 Burpee Challenge, you are a seriously awesome person and true badass. 100 burpees is tough—both physically and mentally—so I’m automatically proud of every single one of you who tries it. And if you can’t finish it this time around, don’t worry—just write down your time and how many you ended up doing, and try again next month. You will get better, I promise.

For those of you who end up completing the challenge, here’s a rough benchmark system to help you gauge your current fitness level:

If you complete 100 burpees in:

12+ minutes: You’re an athlete in training! Way to work hard, and don’t stop pushing.
10-12 minutes: You’re an athlete! Awesome job getting past those mental blocks.
8-10 minutes: You’re a super athlete! You’re strong and in great conditioning shape.
6-8 minutes: You’re a total badass! You have some serious burpee skills.
4-6 minutes: You’re the ultimate badass! Be very, very proud.

Remember, these are loose guidelines—ultimately all that matters is that you work as hard as you can, so don’t worry too much about other people’s times.

(Also, I will tell you that tall people have a disadvantage with this one—I’ve never been able to get under the 6-minute mark, yet I know shorter people who can do 100 burpees in just under 5 minutes—crazy!)

If you’re not sure just how hard you should be working, watch this video of me doing 100 burpees for time:


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Get Fitter, Faster and Stronger

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