100 Burpee Challenge (And How Erin Knocked Almost 5 Minutes Off Her Time)

Tomorrow is the official start of the June 100 burpee challenge. Time to get excited!

But before getting you guys fired up to do the challenge, I first wanted to check in with Erin, last month’s contest winner. Erin knocked an impressive 4:29 off her 100 burpee time from April to May, so I thought it’d be pretty motivating to check in with her and see how she did it.

Because remember, while aspiring to reach a certain time at some point along your fitness journey awesome, it’s really all about YOUR improvement and how hard you can keep pushing yourself to get better and fitter than ever before.

First, let’s check in with Erin:

How Erin ROCKED last month’s 100 burpee challenge

Krista: In last month’s challenge, you beat your previous month’s time by four and a half minutes! That’s seriously awesome and inspiring. What do you think were the biggest reasons for your improvement?

Erin: I try to work on burpees or some other full body exercises with every workout; high knees, squat jumps, lunge jumps, tuck/high jumps—really core focused dynamic moves. I also try to keep momentum up during workouts. It’s difficult to flow right into the next one without coming up for air, but it’s a goal to get straight through and THEN rest.

Krista: What’s your fitness background?

Erin: Off and on, for a lot of my adult life, being active has been important. I was, once upon a time, in the military with a 10min mile. I’ve lost a lot of that fitness and have been working to get it back. I have had a couple of jobs that took up most of my free time, not giving me the chance to work out regularly. Now, having a desk job, in a private office, I can work out for lunch, leaving time for a run when I get home. Also, my husband and I do backcountry hiking whenever we can get away.

Krista: What goes through your head when doing the challenge? Do you have any favorite songs/mantras/podcasts/etc. that help you push through it?

Erin: While kicking my butt, I like to listen to Pandora: Workout Radio. It gives a good tempo to keep up with and takes my mind off of the task at hand. While doing the moves, I just think, “get it over with and then you’ll have __ more rounds to go, Bittner, you got this!!!”…

Krista: Any advice for newbies wanting to try the challenge but feeling way too intimidated by it?

Erin: It’s only intimidating if you allow it to be. You know your body – you know what your mind is capable of talking your body into. If your mind that says you can’t, then you can’t.

If your mind says give it a try and see what happens, and you prove to yourself that you CAN do it, your mind will stop talking you out of trying.

Whether it’s one, or one hundred, you always start somewhere. To get better time, don’t cheat yourself when you work out. Sure you can slow down, take a breather, but that’s going to keep you at status quo. If you really push through and get over that wall, your time and ability to do (whatever) will completely take you by surprise.

Krista: Any other advice for those struggling with this challenge?

Erin: I like to tell myself that ” ‘someday’ has come and gone… the time is now.”

It keeps me from thinking, “oh, I’ll get around to it…someday”. It got me off the couch and into a pair of workout clothes. The best part is, it’s not just a fad diet or something to dread doing – it’s a lifestyle change that works, and when you see it working, you want to continue!

It fits into almost any schedule, and there are modified versions that beginners can do – NO EXCUSES!!!

Krista: Thank you Erin, your attitude seriously rocks. You’re a total badass!

This month’s 100 burpee challenge + t-shirt contest

Ok you guys, we’re doing the same thing as last month, here are the rule refreshers:

Step #1: You do the 100 burpee challenge. You have by the end of the weekend (a.k.a. June 8th) to complete the challenge.

Step #2: Post your time AND the amount you’ve improved from last month’s challenge in the comments of this post. I’ll try and make sure to look on Facebook/Google+/my inbox as well, but if you want to make sure I see your time, post it here.

Step #3: I’ll look over all the times and send a shirt of your choice to you (or whoever you want)!

Now go work hard, and kick some serious burpee ass!

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54 thoughts on “100 Burpee Challenge (And How Erin Knocked Almost 5 Minutes Off Her Time)”

  1. If we are just starting and this is our first month, do we still post our time or just record our time ourselves and then post both at the end of the month?


      • Hey Allard! You sneak! Unfortunately my burpee ‘record’ will be pretty sad at this point so it won’t be hard to beat. 🙁 I’m not even sure I can get through a full 100 burpees without dying right now but I figured I have to start someplace, right?

      • Thanks! I’ve been working on HIIT workouts lately and can do 8-9 burpees in 30 seconds but after 3 rounds (burpees, air squats, situps) I’m getting pretty tired. Doing 6 minute HIITs right now and will add to 9 minutes next week. And I do these after a run. So….. we’ll see. 🙂 Can only get stronger!

  2. OK…..I’m a little confused. Are the 100 Burpees completed daily or does one have the entire week to complete it? Sounds stupid, but the rules don’t specify? I know there are some who can do 100 burpees in a day easily, and others not the case. So, somebody please explain?

  3. I read about the 100 burpie challenge last month, and I thought I’d start working up to it!

    In the beginning of May I could do 15 burpies, by mid May I would do 20 in 3 minutes. And this week I did 20 in 2:30. I’m not up to 100 yet, but I’m working hard and improving!!!

    Thanks for the cool workout challenge!

  4. Krista, thanks for running this challenge for us!

    I’ve never done more than 20 burpees in one set (or even in one day), and they always leave me huffing and puffing. I’ve been focused on strength and conditioning recently, so I figured I’d take on this challenge to gauge my conditioning. I surprised myself by finishing 100 burpees in a row in 7:43! I haven’t pushed myself that hard for that long since racing track and cross country in high school more than 20 years ago.

    It took me several minutes for my heart rate to recover. After that, I did my favorite routine of squats, pull-ups, walking lunges, and push-ups. I usually do 6 x 10, but I only did 3 x 10 today–those burpees really kicked my butt.

    After all that, I’ll sleep well tonight. 🙂

  5. First time doing this.
    Just done 100 burpees in 10:22.
    Shattered this month. Didn’t think I’d finish but I’m thrilled I did!

  6. My brother said he tried a burpee once, and they’re not friends. I told him they’re one of those friends you love to hate and hate to love 🙂

    My score this month beat last month’s 11:23 at 9:33. Kinda felt dizzy afterward, but not too dizzy to stop the timer to avoid additional time…LOL

  7. Beat my time by 4:03 (14:36 last month; 10:33 today).
    Man, it’s been hard coming back from having a baby 6 months ago, but I’ve been working hard, doing 12MA workouts almost every day (since being 18 weeks post-partum), and loving the results.
    Thanks, Krista. You rock.

  8. 11:03 this month, down from 15:13 last month! I did groups of ten this time and needed a lot less rest breaks. I love to see my continued improvements as I keep doing these workouts!

  9. 6m 40 sec for 100 burpess in the UK.
    This is the first time I’ve timed myself as last month I wasn’t sure I’d be able to complete the challenge let alone in a respectable time (if 6.40 can be called respectable!).
    Love this challenge, thank you ! X

  10. Firat time effort 11:47 though the last 30 were a bit of a disaster and were more just flopping to the ground and crawling back up

  11. 6m 40 sec for 100 burpess in the UK.
    This is the first time I’ve timed myself as last month I wasn’t sure I’d be able to complete the challenge let alone in a respectable time (if 6.40 can be called respectable!).
    Just to confirm this was a straight forward burpee, no push up and no ‘chest to floor’. I’ll work up to that 😉
    Love this challenge, thank you ! X

  12. Just did my first burpee challenge at 8:45! I loved it, and I hated it. Totally kicked my butt. Can’t wait to see what a month of HIIT does to my time.

  13. I saw this and as i do every time i roll my eyes and say im not doing it. Last month I did. I felt i did ok. Well this month i procastinated all weekend. Came up with every reason. Baby sick, husband leaving, stanley cup playoffs, belmont stakes, dirty house, and then clean house. So i mentally forced my self to do them.I did all 100 in 815. I dont know if thats good. Im pouring sweat. so for me yes. But im proud that i did them.

  14. 7 minutes, 20 seconds. I started this challenge with my friends three weeks ago and just now I found this page. Good to know that I’m a badass. Last Sunday I did 100 burpees to pull-ups in 14 minutes, 15 seconds and ended with two bleeding blisters, I hope gloves can make a difference next time.


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