100 Burpee Challenge Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Complete 100 burpees as fast as possible.

Join us for the monthly 100 burpee challenge! Read all about the challenge here.

Here are the rules for the September 100 burpee challenge:

Step #1: You do the 100 burpee challenge. You have by the end of the weekend (a.k.a. September 7th) to complete the challenge.

Step #2: Post your time AND the amount you’ve improved from last month’s challenge in the comments of this post. I’ll try and make sure to look on Facebook/Google+/my inbox as well, but if you want to make sure I see your time, post it here.

Step #3: I’ll look over all the times and send a shirt of your choice to you (or whoever you want)!

And make sure to post your times below!


My time for today’s workout: 6:09 

Did you do this workout?

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33 thoughts on “100 Burpee Challenge Workout”

  1. Haven’t done this in a while. Not a huge improvement, but 8:14. First time I did it in 8:36, the most recent time I did it was around 9:10. Followed this up with a shortened MURPH.

  2. Finally broke nine minutes-did it in 8:45! Had been hanging out the past few months at 9:02-9:10. So happy! Now am going to spend the rest of the weekend looking for my spleen-I think it shot out across fhe room.

  3. Completed my first challenge – 10m 14s! Kind of cheated at the end by doing planks instead of push ups though :/ at least I still feel the burn from yesterdays workout!

  4. Hi, just completed the burpee challenge – almost loom forward to the first Friday of the month now 😉
    I managed 100 burpees, (no push up but a little jump every time) in 7.02mins.
    Not sure on last months time, so I’ll keep a note and start again…. 🙂
    Feeling great now ! Lucy (UK)

  5. First time taking this challenge…not a crossfitter, just been doing some Insanity, Asylum & P90X.
    100 Burpees in 6.47!!
    I’ll take it first time through. I’ll be back next month.

  6. july – 12.21, august 11.05, september 10.15. Including responding to a knock at the door because I thought it was someone complaining about the noise next door. After that I took fewer breaks – I can TOTALLY do it with less breaks than I think! Next month hoping for under 10!

  7. 1st time for me- that was tough!
    Time was 9:48.
    Burpees are not fun when you are over 6′ tall. Actually, they are never fun!
    Great challenge!

  8. June 6:40
    July 6:06
    Aug 5:51

    September was not an improvement but still under 6 minutes with a 5:56… Hard to be upset about not improving when I’m still under 6 minutes. I’m definitely still satisfied.

  9. I really love doing burpees (and I’m 6ft tall, so I’m with Kathlern in feeling like I’m extra challenged), but I don’t know if I would say my 13:57 time today was because of mental blocks. I think it is purely a need to build more stamina. My core felt like it was slowing me down the most because I wasn’t able to pop back up to my feet once I got tired.

    What other moves do you think help to build springy, resilient core strength? Plank jumps? I’d love some inspiration!

    • I only do burpees a couple of times a month. I do a lot of other things for my core though – planks, side plank dips, yoga, find something you like to do, do it regularly, and it will help

  10. Hello, everyone! I am a newbie hier. I have visited this website at 23,08 or the first time. And I could not wait to do this challenge just on that day. I habe used over 15 minutes with a lot of breaks. This time it is better. In 9:31 I have finished the task. See you next month!

  11. Due to a Judo tournament which I mastered by winning a silver medal in my category partly thanks to my 12minuperathlete schedule I did not participate in this month’s Burpee challenge – BUT I cut my time for this exercise to half compared to last time!!! Does that count as well 😉 ? I did 70 burpees; 30 elevated push ups; 40 push ups; 50 squat jumps and 60 sit ups in 12:20min!

  12. First attempt…50 in 5min 28. Disappointed I didn’t finish, only myself to blame, think I went too fast too soon! Better luck next month

  13. I am a day late, but, I tried to do it Saturday and was WAY too sore from a run the day before, and couldn’t get past 40. I did it today though, and finished. Last month was 9:31, this month, 9:14. Slowly improving. 🙂

  14. Fist try in the challenge!! Just do it today…. 13.23… Damn that’s hard!! It seems that I got into a pool!! lol =p Hope to do it in 10 minutes!!

  15. July: I could barely do 10 burpees, much less 100. I started doing HIIT regularly.
    August: 100 burpees! It took 17 minutes, they were not pretty, but I got to 100!
    September: 100 burpees, 10:50. I wouldn’t want anyone to film me, but I’m getting there!


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