100 Burpee Challenge Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Complete 100 burpees as fast as possible.

Join us for the monthly 100 burpee challenge! Read all about the challenge here.

And make sure to post your times below!


My time for today’s workout: 6:08! I was pretty happy to have beat my time by about :05 this time around—can’t wait to get to under 6:00 someday.

Did you do this workout?

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46 thoughts on “100 Burpee Challenge Workout”

  1. 10:16 – I’m five days in to 12 minute athlete (former crossfitter) … And love it! Trying to find balance (again!) after two babies, a career in nursing and working on finding some time for myself! 12 minutes works right into my schedule:) Thanks for the challenge!

  2. 11:21, down from 13+ 2 months ago.

    Aiming for under 10:00 next month.

    Recommitting to 12 minutes a day in July!!!!!

    Happy 4th!!!!

  3. This was my first time I’ve timed 100 burpees. Clearly there is plenty of room for improvement for my 13:57.

    So many of you knocked out some very speedy times. Very inspiring!

  4. Did a 100 burpee tabatha workout on July 1 (before Krista announced this challenge) and did it in 8:30.

    Today’s time was 8:50, so have some work to do.

    Congrats to all for taking on this amazing challenge, and thanks Krista for putting this out there!

  5. May- 7:06
    June- 6:40
    July- 6:06

    :34 second improvement.

    I can’t deny that I’ve been pushing a little harder in day to day training and keeping a little more disciplined in my eating habits; however, I also came in to the challenge this month ready to kick ass instead of dreading the pain. I feel pretty psyched about the improvement but also about all the awesome motivation and inspiration from everyone else that may be trying for the first time or making such incredible improvement from one month to the next. Great work to all and keep it up!

    • That’s seriously awesome, Kevin. As I’m sure you know, it’s a lot harder to keep improving once you get to a certain level of fitness, so the fact that you beat your last month’s time by :34 is AWESOME. Keep up the hard work.

  6. Prior to today I only have done 5 burpees. I accepted the challenge and realized 100 was a larger number than I thought and burpees less fun than the name might imply. I did finish! Doing sets of 10. My first 50 in 12min 6sec. After a short 3hr recovery (lol)my second 50 brought my total to 20min 26sec. So I guess my time is 3hr 20min and 26sec.

  7. No way! From last month’s 6:46 to 7:16
    I was already behind at 50…. so de motivating. Maybe I shouldn’t have looked at the timer.

  8. Tried this challenge for the first time…7:15! I was prepared for the first 50 because I do a lot of 500 workouts that have sets of 50 burpees. But those last 50, wow! It was harder than I thought. Thanks for the great challenge!

  9. First time trying the challenge after not having done burpees in probably close to five years, since when I was “officially” still an athlete…I had “set the bar” for between 10:00 and 10:30, feeling like that was pretty ambitious…what an amazing feeling to have surpassed those ambitions with a 9:51!! Completely pumped to get back on the path to better fitness! Thanks, Krista!

  10. I dreamt last night that I did the challenge and they were so easy.Then i realized I forgot to set the timer. LOL!

    My second month doing this. Last month (about 3 weeks ago) was about 15:40. This time: 15:09. My form is awful.

    My husband did the challenge for the first time this month in 13:43.

  11. Improve by 8 seconds, so at least going in the right direction 🙂 10.56 –> 10.48.
    Had a friend doing it with me, but she dropped out at 60, so hopefully next month I can get her to go all the way!

  12. That. Was. Brutal.

    First time I’ve tried timing this, and have only done a few of your workouts so far, so this is setting the bar to improve over the coming months.


    Quite annoyed I missed 9 minutes by only a couple of seconds… Next time!

  13. My husband I did this Sunday – I hope it still counts 🙂 His time 8:35 My time 10:47. My goal was to be under 10, I know I can do it next time. I recorded it and published to Vimeo – you can see I took several fairly long breaks. It was sooooo hot and humid yesterday & that seemed to really affect my breathing. Looking forward to another attempt this Friday!


  14. I did the 10 burpee challenge on July 4 in 11:23. First time I did the challenge it took 14:42, so super happy with that progress!

  15. That was my first time, two weeks after I discovered this awesome website. I did only 55 in 10 minutes. After that I was completely exhausted! I hope I will be able to finish the challenge next month!

  16. I had thought about doing this and posting my time but does Krista watch the result? I have done a few of the workouts and wanted to do this. She doesnt seem to reply to much though so I am not sure I want to bother.

    • Hey Jane, I try and reply as much as possible but as you might imagine I get a lot of emails, comments and messages! But I promise I look over every single one of your 100 burpee times and I’m proud of everyone who gives it a shot 🙂

    • I’ve found that Krista responds to almost every post by the end of the Challenge weekend. She does a feature on the person with most improved time. I think this is awesome and inspiring.

  17. I took the burpee challenge today; I have to say, I’ve never been so happy with a sucky score on something – it may be a sucky time, but at least it’s MY time! Even though it took me a long 26 minutes, I managed to do all 100 without giving up, even though I felt like quitting after only 10.

    Felt so badass once I was done! 🙂

  18. I did 100 in sets of 20, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 8, 12 tonight (first time)

    According to the stop watch function on the app, 5 min 45 sec! NOT… I think there’s a bug in the “12 Minute Athlete” app that stops counting the screen goes dark on an S5. Anyone else have this?

    I had been working up to 100 last month before I found your site – but that time is Olympian. So I can’t even give a time.

  19. Finally did it – 8 min 13 sec….. which,I think, is roughly the same time as last month. BUT am super happy with the result, because today I did not feel like I was coughing up that bloody/metallic taste afterwards,neither was I coughing from exhaustion for eons or felt like I had just taken my last few breaths ever. So,awesome improvement for me and this way,my time will improve,too…..just slowly

  20. I did this challenge for the first time today and got 6 minutes 11 seconds. Woo hoo! Can’t wait to be super sore all over!


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