100 Burpee Challenge Workout


Workout equipment:

Workout type: Challenge

Timer setting: Stopwatch

Complete 100 burpees as fast as you can.

Join us for the monthly 100 burpee challenge! Read all about the challenge here.

And make sure to post your times below!


My time for today’s challenge: 6:05

I felt pretty good about today’s time—I beat last month’s challenge time by 8 seconds! Still think I can get under 6 minutes though.

Did you do this workout?

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45 thoughts on “100 Burpee Challenge Workout”

  1. First time doing the challenge, and have only done a handful of 12min workouts so far.

    10min56sec. Very curious to see how I’ll do next month 🙂

  2. 8min 58 seconds here in Belgium signing up for the very first time and trying to take it down to 8min 30seconds next month

  3. First time doing the challenge! 8 min 25 sec! Feel really good after doing 100 burpees. Most I’ve ever done in a row is 30.

  4. 7:26!!!
    I want to scream it from the highest mountain top!
    I started back in March when you first posted and “walked” many of the burpees because my thighs were ON FIRE!
    Each month my time decreased and I walked fewer and fewer.
    This month I did not walk a single one! I was done with my first 50 in 3:25 and my jumps shot up high each and every time!
    I am blown away by the improvement!
    Thank you so very, very much!
    I could not have done this without you 🙂
    I can’t wait for July!

  5. 8:12 this month….. barely improved over last month. It is those second fifty where I slow down so much. First 50 were done in 3:15 …… my lungs are on fire ! But first thing I need to get over is this big ball of fear I feel whenever I know I am about to do 100Burpees in a row.

    • I don’t think that fear every fully goes away… I still get it! Doing 100 burpees in a row is TOUGH. But you can learn to embrace that fear and use it in the form of determination 🙂

      Awesome job, Christina!

  6. Holy Crap! This is my second time and I did it in 15:49. My previous time was 26:22. That is 10 minutes and 33 seconds of improvement. My hands were shaking and I still feel like I spent more time pulling for air than actually doing burpees but I did it.

  7. I did the challenge in 13.13 mins which was almost a 2 min improvement from 15.03 mins the first time I did it! Wahoo, this challenge rocks!

  8. I know I’m a little late to make it into this month’s challenge, but I was moving over the weekend, and I didn’t want to a bunch of burpees after carrying heavy objects up and down many flights of stairs.

    Last month was my first challenge, and I wanted to try to do 50 burpees. I completed them in 8:57. This month, I thought I’d shoot for 60 burpees in the same time or faster. I completed 60 burpees in 6:29! Yay! Next month, I’m gonna go for 70 burpees in the same amount of time.

  9. First Burpee Challenge ever, its a little late for the month but better late than never 🙂 I went into it telling myself I was going to rock it out…them the pain set in!! I didn’t do to bad though 12:48 for time, but next month I will be under 10 minutes even if my arms fall off!!


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