Super Athlete Beta Now Available on Android! (+ Limited Coaching Spots Available)


I’m super happy to let you guys know that the Super Athlete subscription is now available on Android!

Like everything seems to, it took a little longer that we’d hoped to get together, but now when you sign up you’ll get:

  • 100+ new workouts. Get immediate access to 100+ new workouts, including AMRAP, boxing, tabata workouts, and more.
  • Set custom goals and reminders. Set up goals for how many workouts a week you want to do and the app will remind you.
  • 3x weekly workout updates. Get all new workouts 3-4x a week pushed straight to your device as soon as they’re released on the blog!

Exciting stuff you guys! And yes, if you sign up now you can still lock in the monthly subscription price of $3.99.

To sign up, make sure you’ve downloaded the most recent update of the app, then simply click on the New Workouts alert on the home screen to subscribe. You can also go to the Workouts tab then click on Latest Workouts or Manage Your Subscription in the Settings tab.

And if you don’t already have the Android app, you can get it here!

And now for something else…

12 Minute Athlete Online Coaching

12 Minute Athlete online coaching

Since starting 12 Minute Athlete a little over two years ago (!), I’ve been mainly focused on growing the business and expanding the app, and have only done one-on-one training with selected clients in the San Francisco Bay area.

But while many of you do well motivating yourself and just doing the workouts on your own, I know there are those of you who would like some more personal attention, customized workouts, and nutrition help to help you meet your goals.

That’s why I’m super excited to let you know that for the first time on the site, I’m opening up a limited number of coaching spots for those of you who want a little extra help and motivation.

Who should apply

Although it would be amazing to get to work with each and every one of you, my time is limited so I’m making the coaching spots limited as well.

And because I want to make sure that every person I work with is successful, I’d ask that only the most committed of you apply. That means I’m looking for people who:

  • Are fairly self-motivated and self-disciplined (i.e. you will actually do the workouts I tell you to do)
  • Understand the importance of nutrition, and must be willing to (honestly) track your food via MyFitnessPal (or your preferred method) if weight loss or weight gain is your goal
  • Aren’t looking for overnight changes and know that health and fitness is a long-term process

And most of all, you must be willing to work really hard and push yourself beyond your normal comfort zone.

What you’ll get

For much less than what I would charge my regular one-on-one personal training clients, you’ll get:

  • Initial fitness evaluation and goal setting session. We’ll determine where you’re at currently and set up a plan for where you want to get to, whether your goals are to lose fat, build muscle, or boost your athletic performance (or, all three!). We’ll do this over phone, Skype, or if you’re in the Bay Area, in person.
  • Customized monthly workouts. I’ll put together a workout plan and workouts tailored specifically for you based on your goals then send them to you every week.
  • Nutritional guidance. Whether your goals are weight or performance based, I’ll help you figure out a nutrition plan that works for you and your lifestyle.
  • Email access. You can email me personally with any questions about exercise, nutrition, or your specific workouts and I’ll get back to you ASAP. And if you just need a little encouragement or motivational boost, that’s fine too.
  • Monthly video check-ins. We’ll meet once a month via Skype (or phone call) to go over your progress and reevaluate your goals.

Want to know more?

Personalized coaching is not for everyone. Many of you will do just fine with the workouts from the app or the weekly workouts in the Super Athlete membership.

But if you are someone who would benefit from a coach to help you with your health and fitness goals, whether they’re performance-based or physique-based, get in touch and we’ll see if we’re the right fit to work together.

I’ll only be accepting five new coaching clients right now, so if you’re interested, be sure to get in touch right away before the spots fill up.


And whether we end up working together or not now or in the future, you rock! Thanks for being so awesome.


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